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Stephon Marbury: What He Left Behind

Stephon Marbury: What He Left BehindThe self proclaimed Starbury was baptized into the NBA world in 1996 with the likes of Steve Nash, Allen Iverson, Marcus Camby, Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, and others. His career averages of 19.3 points and 7.6 assists are great. He had the skills and the statistics to back it up, but mind is what set him back. We wonder if Marbury had the mentality of killing his opponents every game then he would have been an all time great. He had the tools to be better than Iverson since he actually has court vision to share the ball. He just did not have leadership skills to make his teammates believe – a sense of direction was lost. The incident with former teammate Kurt Thomas says a lot when he wanted to fight. We did not hear such things about Iverson other than something about practice.

He had something great brewing with friend Kevin Garnett. They would have been a great duo to see if everything came into place. Unfortunately we did not get to see anything come of it. Marbury was traded to New Jersey where he didn’t do much except for wrapping the ball around Vlade Divac at an all star game. Then he was traded again in exchange for Jason Kidd to Phoenix. Again, he did not do much except for landing a game winning shot in the playoffs against the San Antonio Spurs. After that Marbury landed in New York. All he did there was feud with Mike D’Antoni, some teammates, and tattooed a logo on his head while providing interesting interviews and clips featured on YouTube.

Interesting bit here is that I actually understand what he’s going through with the death of his father. He’s still trying to cope with the huge loss. Stephon is grieving over his dad and lost his career in 3 years. The man has gone berserk all over Justin.TV. It’s quite sad to see this. At this moment, Marbury is lost. Keep your head up, Steph. I hope you find your way back. It’s time to redefine who you are and your basic understanding of life.

Everywhere he went, people laid waste by saying that Starbury leads a team into losing. Going by the history, the results are not that far from the truth. It’s safe to say that he would want to win a title and tried to prove that by joining Boston. They were eliminated in the second round by the Orlando Magic and then Stephon faded into oblivion smoking weed. Here’s a man who had all the talent in the world to be a Hall of Famer, but people will remember him as a leader of losing. This legacy was made worse when he was on the 2004 Olympic squad that got the bronze. That was his fate in the NBA realm. It’s fine. It’s just basketball. He made millions.

I respect Steph for speaking his mind no matter how awkward he became. It was great to see him partner with Steve & Barry’s to promote “Starbury” shoes priced at $14.98. I’ll always remember that, but unfortunately not many sports fans will.

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