Wednesday , Sep , 02 , 2009 J.N.

If Cleveland wins the chip this season…

If Cleveland wins the chip this season...Does that mean Lebron James will sign the max extension to stay in Cleveland?

If I can remember correctly, Lebron did say that he wants to win a title for the Cavs before anything else. This issue of James possibly leaving has been done to death, but I want to put my final stamp on the issue before proceeding along in life.

The Cavs have the talent around “The Chosen One” now to actually win against any team including the Los Angeles Lakers. The current makeup of the squad, which includes Shaq, Jamario Moon, Mo Williams, Anderson Varejao, Delonte West, and Anthony Parker, is actually stronger than the team that battled the San Antonio Spurs in the Finals. This is it. This is their best chance to accomplish the feat. Never have I seen better talent surround him.

Cavs management did their absolute best to crank out a roster that challenges the Boston Celtics. I can picture many gamers salivating at choosing this squad for online play in NBA 2K10 where Lebron becomes LeGod happens. Daniel Gibson comes off the bench firing, but Danny Ferry is contemplating on trading Ilgauskas. Personally I would not do that because he would be great off the bench backing up Shaq. Why give up a 7+ foot center who knows the system very well? I’d only do the trade if I’m getting a slight upgrade back. Otherwise, keep Big Z in Cleveland for the last great push. For all the years he spent in Cleveland, he earned to be a part of this.

So what if The Cavaliers won it all? Does Lebron stay? The chances of him staying are pretty high. I say, “Yes.” But then again, he can flip the script and say, “I did my job. I got you guys a title. I’m good now. Let’s roll out.”

What if the Cavaliers do not win? Lebron James is marching out of Cleveland and straight into Madison Square Garden. He will transform his legacy to become the National Basketball Association’s first billionaire superstar. In this economy, I would sell out for that type of loot. Be honest, who wouldn’t? Imagine if you had that type of money, would you care about Cleveland? The state of Ohio is in his heart where ever he goes and he’s going where the money is. Go get your money, man. I do not blame you. If I had that kind of dough, I would tip waiters twenty percent or more instead of the usual fifteen percent. It’s not that I’m a bad tipper, it’s just I wouldn’t care what I put down.

Even if Cleveland does not win this year, he should look at Mike Jordan’s career – practice patience, my lad. No matter how difficult the journey, stay in one area to fulfill the prophecy, “Chosen One.” The New York Knicks’ roster is terrible up and down the block. Why would anyone want to go there? They’re currently messing around with David Lee and Nate Robinson. Those situations do not reflect highly on management.

And yes, Cleveland does have a chance to beat the Celtics and Lakers. The chances are not favorable, but they still have a chance.

They win? High chance of staying. They lose? He’s leaving, but he will be making a mistake in my eyes. I’m not so sure if New York is the place he should explore. That roster is atrocious.

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