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What’s wrong with MJ’s HOF speech?

What's wrong with MJ's HOF speech?Before Michael Jordan’s official induction into the Hall of Fame, ESPN Classic and NBA TV were replaying his best games and moments. They are great stuff to have on TiVO, DVD, and hopefully, Blu-Ray someday – the ultimate Superman and his heroic feats on display as record and visual facts. The moments also make for great entertainment. On the court, he’s great. How would we know the limits of basketball unless we didn’t get to see this man perform? MJ is entertainment at its’ finest.

At the Hall of Fame ceremony however, many people were let down.

Not me. No way. Sorry to break the disheartening news, but we should know during our childhoods that there is no Santa Clause. The same applies to Michael Jordan; he’s no god, but merely human with flaws. Were they on display? Yes. Isn’t he just human like the rest of us? Who are we to judge his character?

It’s not like he said, “I hate so and so and I wish a plague on both your houses.” He specifically called out people who threw logs into the fire – the things that fueled his competitive nature. Michael did dig into Jerry Krause a bit deep. Did he deserve it? Maybe, maybe not. We don’t know what transpired behind the scenes during those years. We can assume and take sides. One notable sports writer had an axe to grind with Jordan long before the controversial Hall of Fame speech painting it as “petty.” Some fans have gone to say that it was “rude.”

Was it petty? Probably.
Was it rude? No way.

Rude is taking a number 2 in someone’s toilet and forgetting to flush. Rude is taking things without asking. Rude is freeloading off of someone and not saying thanks. Rude is farting and blaming it on someone else. The speech was not rude. Was it in bad taste? Perhaps, but it certainly wasn’t rude.

It’s always great to see people thanking other people. It’s great becoming the norm. Jordan thanked Pippen, family, Phil Jackson, Dean Smith, and the usual suspects we read about. Even he said it himself, “What else don’t you know about me?” There’s nothing else to say, but there is something to show and that is he has great memory on people who slighted him, imagined or not. He carries this bitterness holding onto grudges for far too long. If the speech was a way of exercising demons, let’s hope they were vanquished and put to rest.

Fans and writers are crying over Michael Jordan the Person as opposed to The Athlete. Get over yourselves. Please remember that the personal vendettas that he had made him the best. If he didn’t those things to get him going then he wouldn’t be THE GOAT now would he? Overall the speech was entertaining and hilarious right next to John Stockton’s. It was definitely memorable and classic MJ – the hit man. Stop crying over spilled milk. So he’s an asshole? So? What did he ever do to you? Kick your dog?

Jordan said that he probably play again at the age of 50. Don’t laugh. Try to think in his Air Jordans. He’s the most competitive human on the planet; never content. When he wants to win, he’ll do anything to achieve that. Don’t laugh. He still believes he has plenty to prove. Kobe vs. Jordan, Lebron vs. Jordan…more fuel to his madness. The sports media does not realize that we provide this for him.

I hope Jordan finally let go of the emotional weight he carried for all those years with that speech. Think of the speech as a “roast” of sorts. Be thankful that he didn’t come out of nowhere and interrupt people like musical artist Kanye West. If MJ just said “thanks” and walked off like originally planned, now that would have been “petty.”

What did you think of MJ’s HOF speech?