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NBA 2K10 Draft Combine review

NBA 2K10 Draft Combine reviewWhen this was first announced, it was a way to get that NBA fix in months before the actual season starts. Who would want to pass up on getting the first taste on a brand new 2K basketball game? Not many. Remember that this is just a sample of the game. It’s not a true indicator of the fleshed out version that will be released on October 6, 2009. There are tweaks and bugs that 2K needs to address before the game is shipped so try not to get extremely critical of anything. It’s not that serious unless the staff does not fix the issues for the real game.

The first thing that was noticeable is the music. The tunes are good, but they get annoying after 15 minutes or so because the variety is limited constantly on loop. Donnie Bravo’s “Run Away” is on point yet that even gets tiresome after a few scrimmages. Despite this, if that song is the anthem of 2K10, they built another solid foundation of a good soundtrack. Moving on, let’s get to the real meat of the game – game play.

There are issues as usual. I’ll address them as thoughts formulating as I was playing the game.

The Grading System
: This is actually inconsistent. It’s a great feature to have to guide people to play the right way. Ball hog too much? They will mark you down. It’s better to pass. The system also commands respect on positioning and defense. This is great stuff to know, but then again, all these things they judge are arbitrary. When you hold the ball for a few more seconds to look for a better passing lane or to reset the offense, they mark you down. If you block a shot and the opposing player gets the ball back after the block, the system marks you down for letting them get an offensive rebound. What about during a fast break, you foul to stop the easy score? The system marks down. WTF? That’s actually a good foul. 2K really needs to evolve this system to recognize ever changing situations. There should have been sample videos to show “how” to be better at positioning. It’s frustrating to have a great game then get marked down a few times in a row for that. Fix these issues: tip passes, holding the ball, and fouls. Let’s hope they fix this somewhere.

: Touch passing is too sensitive. When the ball is close to a player’s hands then touch passing should be activated. If you press the pass button a few times BEFORE the ball reaches your hands, the player will auto pass. That’s not good.

Running: There’s some lag here with the added annoying animations. Why does it take a 2 second lag before we can run the right way after a rebound? Why does the player dribble backwards 2-3 times before attacking? This is frustrating.

Defense: Lock on D is completely not in this one. Just walk near an opposing player with the ball and your player will automatically be in a defensive position. What? This doesn’t feel right. What happened to the left trigger button?

Post moves: Nowhere to be found like Carmen Sandiego or Waldo. You really can’t do much here. 2K most likely is saving this for the real game.

There are positives in the game such as crossing over while sprinting and the fast break has improved over last year’s game. With the negatives in mind, this little sample of Draft Combine already feels better than 2K9 overall. Better create-a-player features such as face building with layup packages have been revamped. The face building part was hurt in 2K9 and the staff stepped up their game for this one.

If you have this game and seen the leader boards, there are some people with players leveling up to 99. There’s a cheat, or some kind of exploit, to get that. Don’t try to do that since I’ve heard through the grapevine that 2K might erase them. Think about it. It’s pretty pointless to do such a thing since this ruin the challenge of the combine and you didn’t get to maximize the $5 spent on it. Also, there’s no way to be projected as a first round pick no matter what you do. This makes sense because your player is an unknown. Be thankful just to get drafted in the second round.

So is the Draft Combine worth the $5? No. It’s just too limited. The real game is out next month on October 6, 2009. Just wait it out until then.

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