Monday , Oct , 19 , 2009 J.N.

The NBA BIG names who might fall off this year

The NBA BIG names who might fall off this yearThis type of stuff happens every season. Your long time favorite player might fall off this year statistically and this usually does not look pretty. Yes, we hate to admit that some of our favorites are dying out slowly so let’s take this chance to accept and embrace the always impending “father time.” It’s okay to age. Just remember to age gracefully.

Tim Duncan – He’s not quite the statistical marvel that he once was. This doesn’t mean that he’s still not a monster on the court. No! He’s very much important to San Antonio’s title hunt. I don’t think he is invincible to old age and wear and tear. That’s just not going to happen. His numbers will drop even more because of the arrival of Richard Jefferson. He will also try to be the mentor to the league’s best kept secret Dejuan Blair. Hey Duncan, you’re still in my top 30 fantasy player ranks though. Keep that stone face going.

Richard Jefferson – Surprised? Me neither. I don’t think he’s going to be averaging 20+ points like he did with the New Jersey Nets. This man will be averaging around 16-8 points per game because we have to factor in Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, and Manu Ginobli. That’s still pretty damn good for a man who called off his wedding before it was supposed to start and let his boys act like savages on his black American Express card. It is all good though since the Spurs are a top 5 team this season if they can keep the cast healthy.

Steve Nash – I love his latest Vitamin water commercial.

The real truth is that the Phoenix Suns are a former shell of itself. Amare Stoudemire is back healthy, but they do not have enough gas in the tank to make the playoffs. John Stockton around this age declined and Nash is no exception. His assists average will hover around 8-10 per game, but his scoring and minutes will decline. If Phoenix loves him, do him a favor. Trade the man to a strong playoff caliber team. He earned it.

Marcus Camby – This defensive stud doesn’t know when to call it quits. He is producing on the defensive end and continues to do so at the pace of a 26 year old. How does he still do it? That question probably does not matter when he’s playing for the Los Angeles Clippers. Who will even notice? His game does not rely on athleticism and special effects like Amare and Dwight Howard so we can see why he lasted in this league for so long. Beans will produce, but like Nash, his minutes and numbers suffer a decline since they have Blake Griffin to tutor and Chris Kaman to showcase.

Kevin Garnett – The Big Ticket suffers a decline in attendance. He has way too much mileage and logged a lot of minutes. With the addition of The Sheed and the rise of the Rondo, the numbers go down. That’s fine. Keep KG fresh for the playoffs.

Rasheed Wallace – This man looks tired. He must play hard because both teams will play hard. He has the same reasons as Kevin Garnett.

Kobe Bryant – You read that right. The Black Mamba has made the list. Ron Artest has joined the team, which means Kobe doesn’t have to expend so much energy during the regular season. Please don’t get heated. I mean, look at his scoring average for the regular season during the past 3 years. The numbers are dropping: 31.6, 28.3, and 26.8. Bryant is in my top 5 for fantasy statistical basketball, but he’s definitely no longer in my top 3. Blasphemy! You say. Bullshit! How could you? It’s Kobe, man. Hey, Kobe is still super, but he will not measure up numbers wise to Lebron, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Paul.

The fucking awesome NBA draft class of 1996 is slowly coming to an end. It’s sad to see this since we grew with them. We got to know them. In another season or two, it’s time to depart.

Who else do you think will fall off?