Tuesday , Oct , 20 , 2009 J.N.

Michael Jordan straight up punked Chamillionaire.

Michael Jordan straight up punked Chamillionaire.Chamillionaire is a rapper straight out of Houston, Texas. I don’t listen to his music, but he is part of this generation’s hip hop scene. Recently, there has been a Youtube video floating around the internet showing Cham reflecting about his encounter with the great Michael Jordan. The meeting was not pretty. At all. It got downright nasty in front of the Boston Celtics. Let the salty Chamillionaire explain it to us through the magic of video blogging.

We’ve heard stories of Michael Jordan acting like this. We really don’t know if it’s true because we weren’t there or these acts were not caught on video for the world to see. Are these stories humiliating? No, but are they damaging? Yes. True or not, the memes, or mind viruses, have already infected our minds. Is it MJ’s fault for putting himself out like this? Hell yes. Take a look at the Hall of Fame speech. I really didn’t have a problem with the speech because it is what it is; a speech. The problem is these interesting stories that trickle from ordinary people meeting up with Jordan. People will brush it off saying, “Oh it’s just Michael being Michael.” Even I wrote that once, but that’s because I’ve realized that Nike and the media have said this to people all along whenever Michael goes off, “Hey. It’s just Michael being Michael.”

The people who placed Air Jordan on a pedestal created this problem. There was so much air that filled his ego; his head couldn’t even fit ordinary hats any more. That infamous Larry Bird quote, “I think he’s God disguised as Michael Jordan,” was probably the one that started it all. This cycle among athletes is terrible; if an athlete is great then he must be a great person, too. Now I’m not judging Jordan. No way. It’s just extremely discouraging to hear all of this. Remember Kwame Brown getting destroyed by him in practice? Remember how Jordan treated teammates? Remember what he did to Scottie Pippen and M&M’s (If that was even true)? Remember how he called out Bryon Russell at the Hall of Fame speech?

“I wanna be like Mike.” I used to, but we start to figure out that there is no Santa Claus. This is the aftereffects of marketing. Where ever the money is, you can bet MJ was there. I actually commend his image staff for hiding this side of him. That must have been some hard work apologizing to people after Jordan burned bridges (if he did). We understand that he usually gets approached infinite times for autographs and pictures when he wants to relax and chill out. I understand, too. It’s stressful. Mike gets annoyed and irritated. Then again, that’s the price of fame, baby. Deal with it because someone is always watching.

Mike shouldn’t be worried about this. He is who he is. Jordan Brand is the one who should be worried. They’re losing support. Losing support means that they lost out on future business. That’s not a good look. After all of this, MJ is not the only one who acts like this. Money and worship usually turns a person this way. I still love MJ the Athlete, but we should get something out of Mike punking Chamillionaire.

The truth is everyone has their faults including Jordan. Pobody’s nerfect.

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