Tuesday , Oct , 20 , 2009 J.N.

The NBA really wants Lebron to win a title.

The NBA really wants Lebron to win a title.Here’s the new rule: “A player who receives the ball while he is progressing or upon completion of a dribble, may take two steps in coming to a stop, passing or shooting the ball.”

All I got to say is “WOW.” The power of the crab dribble is deadly. Why in the hell are they doing this? Why? I’m shaking my freaking head here. They already get away with plenty before this. Now they’re letting them get away with more? This is unprecedented. It’s this just another tactic to increase scoring? Who cares! There’s plenty of scoring to go around. WTF? I can’t tell even tell what’s traveling or not. Is this even basketball anymore? We really want to know. This is not helping basketball.

This is actually ruining the game.

Let’s look at this way. In California, the legal speed limit on a freeway is 65. People normally go 80. Before the speed limit was raised to 65, it used to be 55. People were going 65-70. Let’s apply this to the NBA. They raised the limit of footsies. Now they’re going to take 3-4 steps without a blink of an eye. Since the league is actually implementing this, what about the college, high school, and intramural levels? Do they make the change, too? This is not a simple difference in goaltending between the USA and International play. This limit raise is a drastic change.

We’re not playing the same game anymore. It’s not just NBA versus the world. This is the NBA versus the rest of America. This is actually a huge shift; one that is ridiculous. This is done to increase scoring? Are you for real, man? You shortened the three point line and then you brought it back out. You took away hand checking. You took away chin ups on rims. You took away slapping the backboard. You took away hanging on the rim after a dunk. You tried to implement a new type of basketball. You took away taunting and showing emotion. Then the committee does this? What else do you guys have?

Hey. Here’s an idea. Dress me up as a douche bag in a suit with a Bluetooth sitting in one of these meetings. I’ll just bring an old VHS tape of MTV’s Rock N Jock basketball. We can have trades on the spot during the game. We can switch jerseys. Have old Hall of Famers be the referees. Have double rims. We can also have 10 pointers spot designations around the court for the likes of Stephen Curry and Antoine Walker.

Be real.

When NBA talent plays against international competition, we’ll do the two step thing out there. Those referees are very strict and we’ll get penalized every time. They’re not going to change their rules because the NBA changed the rules. We can’t think like that because that is stupid. The NBA players’ mentality will grow accustomed to this new rule and bring it over to Olympic play.

It’s going to be tough to break this habit. I guess we want Kobe, Lebron, Melo, Durant, and Wade to score 100 points in a game so badly. If Lebron can’t score 100 with this new rule, I’m going to be pissed off.

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