Tuesday , Oct , 20 , 2009 J.N.

2009-2010 NBA Fantasy Player Projections (20-11)

2009-2010 NBA Fantasy Player Projections (20-11)These rankings do not reflect Hoopsvibe as a whole. Only me.

20) Kevin Garnett
WHY: When he’s on the decline, his rank is on the decline. He’s getting old and Rasheed Wallace is there to share the load. Rajon Rondo putting in work will also have some kind of statistical decline among the rest of the Boston Celtics.

19) Steve Nash
WHY: He was number 13 last year on my list. He will put up good numbers, but not as great as last season. Just like any other member of the 1996 Draft Class who went to college, age has a bad effect on skills. Nash is still a good pick at this spot.

18) Chauncey Billups
WHY: This man is trucking along as usual. Hits the three-ball well, fetch 7 assists, doesn’t turn the ball over a lot, shoots a pretty good percentage at the charity stripe, and chips in 15-18 points per game. He’s not Chris Paul, but what else can a person asks for at this spot? Next season, Billups will drift further down.

17) Andre Iguodala
WHY: He might just average 20 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists per game this year. Iggy needs to reduce those turnover numbers and improve on free throw shooting to flirt with being a top 10 player in the future.

16) Jose Calderon
WHY: Yeah I know. Toronto fans hate me for being this perceived Calderon hater, but I’m not hating right here. I see his true value. He hits a very high free throw percentage. He can hit the three-ball extremely well. This dude can potentially average 11 assists if he can utilize DeRozan, Chris Bosh, and Hedo Turkoglu.

15) Devin Harris WHY: Vince Carter is gone. Harris broke out averaging 21.3 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 6.9 assists per game. Do you think he’s going to stop there? No way, amigo. Those numbers should keep on going up while he’s young.

14) Al Jefferson
WHY: That season ending ACL injury he sustained last year does something to me. He’s back this year in full force. He was ranked 17 last year on my board, but moved up a few spots because I realized that he can hit his free throws at a decent rate. He does everything that Dwight Howard can do, but the free throw percentage is what sets them apart. Big Al is the better scorer as well since he has the superior “back to the basket” game.

13) Rajon Rondo
WHY: This little man is a walking triple double. What he did against Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls in the 2009 Playoffs cannot be ignored. If he can get the points, rebounds, assists, and some steals consistently like he did against Rose then why can’t be ranked number 12? I can forgive the turnovers and mediocre free throw shooting any day for a triple double threat.

12)Deron Williams
WHY: Nothing has changed. This young man is blossoming to be a top-10 fantasy player, just not this season. He can average 20+ppg and 10+ assists with a few boards. He will also play major minutes entering his 5th season because he’s the young franchise leader for Utah. He doesn’t get steals at the rate of Paul and has to reduce turnovers, which will probably forever hold him out of being a top 10 fantasy player.

11) Pau Gasol
WHY: He’s a consistent 18 points, 10 boards, 3.5 assists, 1.0 blocks type of player. He also hits almost 80 percent of his free throws and over 50 percent of field goals. Grab him here.