Tuesday , Oct , 20 , 2009 J.N.

2009-2010 NBA Fantasy Player Projections (30-21)

2009-2010 NBA Fantasy Player Projections (30-21)These rankings do not reflect Hoopsvibe as a whole. Only me.

30) Troy Murphy
WHY: A consistent double double player who can hit the three pointer. He doesn’t turn over the ball a lot and hits the free throws with consistency. He doesn’t get much exposure since he balls in Indiana with Granger. Murphy is a solid underrated pick.

29) Dwight Howard
WHY: He made it this season, folks! He’s in my top 30 fantasy player rankings. The monster blocks, rebounds, and 20 points he get can make any one giggle. He’s the best center in the league bar none and the best big man in terms of durability. His free throw percentage and turnover rate kills me though.

28) Kevin Martin
WHY: There is no one else besides this guy. He will have to do a lot of the work on the offensive end. Stay healthy. If he can, I see him averaging at least 25 points per game. It’s too bad that not many people notice this.

27) Gilbert Arenas
WHY: I’m taking huge gamble with Agent Zero at the 27th spot. The scouting reports say that he’s back. I’ll give Hibachi the benefit of the doubt and say that he’s back like Dwayne Wade last season. The man isn’t talking. He blacked out the media. He realizes that this is not fun and games anymore. No more blogs. It’s time to shut the haters up and endure at least 78 games. Can you do it, Gil? Can you stay injury free? Please remember. When Arenas is healthy, he’s almost as dangerous as Dwayne Wade. Do not make me look bad, Gilbert. When you’re hot, you are a top 5 statistical marvel. Not many people are bold enough to take you with their 2nd-3rd pick, but I’m willing to do that.

26) Joe Johnson
WHY: He’ll be a top 25 fantasy player next season for me. Johnson gets his numbers as usual, but the lack of steals is holding him back. He gets the points, assists, and 3 pointers. I do notice that his scoring average is slightly decreasing.

25) Jason Kidd
WHY: Oh no! This is his last season as a top 25 player! The old man can still do a little bit of everything though. Try not to give up on him. Kidd stands the test of time and can manage to put together a triple double, which warrants the 25th spot.

24) Gerald Wallace
WHY: He’s what Josh Smith should have been. I overrated Josh Smith a lot last year, too. What was I thinking? Statistically, Wallace is a poor man’s Danny Granger.

23) Tim Duncan
WHY: He’s no longer a top 20 statistical player on my list. This might just be his last year being a top 25 statistical player, too. It’s hard to accept. It’s ok. It’s just numbers.

22) Brook Lopez
WHY: He has a Tim Duncan-like game. Only he’s a lot younger. I’m not saying that he will have a Tim Duncan-like impact on the court, but his numbers will mirror him.

21) Caron Butler
WHY: He’s a versatile forward that can do a little bit of everything very well. Look up his numbers. He’s a clean player who I overrated immensely last season. I lived to tell the tale.