Sunday , Nov , 01 , 2009 J.N.

More Problems for the Chicago Bulls

More Problems for the Chicago BullsTyrus Thomas, who is sometimes heralded as the next Shawn Kemp (hopefully without the over abundance of kids), was handling out Morton’s Salt. When it rains, it pours. Kemp was usually raining down dunks in Seattle during the 1990s. Tyrus was found throughout the 2009 preseason pouring salt in the papers. What was he salty about? He was bitter about not being the starter in an exhibition game, which they lost 101-98, to the Orlando Magic. Say what? Come again?

“I don’t even think it should be questionable from what I’ve contributed to this team last season and what I did throughout camp,” Thomas said. “But (Vinny Del Negro’s) the guy who makes the decisions. Whatever decision he makes, I have to go play.”

Translation – “What the hell is wrong with you, Coach? I’m Tyrus Thomas. I got better. Didn’t you see? Whenever I block or dunk, I scream. That means I’m an impact player.”

Obviously, whatever improvements Tyrus Thomas made, let’s hope they were more than enough. Where did he get this sense of entitlement? I wouldn’t like to see a starting frontcourt of Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah, but that’s where Del Negro is adamant on doing throughout this season. Simply put, there is not enough size with these two. Both guys are lanky. The only things that will carry them through the season are energy, hustle, and the ability to block shots. That is all. Take a look at the recent Boston Celtic game where the Bulls were dismantled 90 – 118. Despite a brutal game by the entire team, Joakim Noah actually performed fine in 28 minutes with 16 points and 10 rebounds. Thomas, however, couldn’t get jack done. He got into early foul trouble and couldn’t do anything when he went back in the game.

And that’s the major problem with Tyrus. He gets into early foul trouble. That stops whatever momentum he has built at the start of the game. Shawn Kemp had this problem, too. Despite having these issues, Chicago doesn’t have any other answer at power forward on the current roster. Who can fulfill this position? Brad Miller? He’s an aging solid role player. Taj Gibson? He’s just another lanky solid role player to come off the bench to guard the opposing best scorer. James Johnson is a rookie finding his way and Luol Deng is still Mister Softee.

Don’t get me started why Luol Deng is the captain of the starters. I do not get it.

Some will claim that a Noah/B. Miller frontcourt can work. I strongly disagree with that notion. Which one is the power forward here? Joakim Noah? He plays more like a true center than a scoring power forward like a Chris Bosh, Karl Malone, David West, or Charles Barkley. Brad Miller shouldn’t be at the power forward because he’s a true center. He’s not a Dirk Nowitzki type. In essence, the Bulls are screwed right here. Just like how many people have been saying, they lack a true inside big man who can get easy buckets. General manager Gar Forman has it tough trying to obtain one. While he’s trying to do this, Tyrus is trying to prove to us that he belongs in this league. What is he? A legit starter or an energy bench guy? This is his season to prove his worth. No more excuses. He ran out of them.

If Tyrus does not have any more excuses then Luol Deng has too many. He’s off to a bad start again. Why be worried about him? I was never worried. The truth is Bulls fans should have given up on him last season. He is not returning to form. What form are you talking about? He can’t dribble a basketball. Stop making excuses, Chicago. The rest of the NBA is tired of the bullshit. Deng cannot take anyone off the dribble like Caron Butler or Lebron James. He’s a spot up jump shooting forward. He can slash sometimes, but not like Rudy Gay. He’s not versatile like Danny Granger. We shouldn’t care that Deng is 24 years young either. So what? He does not have any more potential because he doesn’t have handles or tremendous athletic ability.

The 2009 – 2010 Chicago Bulls is not a threat to Cleveland, Boston, and Orlando. They’re just bystanders looking for answers.

What team will take on Deng’s huge salary in these rough economic times? Is Tyrus Thomas a legit starting power forward? More problems, Chicago.