Thursday , Nov , 05 , 2009 J.N.

Blake Griffin’s future

Blake Griffin's futureIn order to hypothesize at a future, we’ll have to examine the past and present.

Other writers have been clowning on the Los Angeles Clippers organization for decades. I’m guilty as charged, but that’s because I’ve been following the organization since 1993. Over here in California, Clipper games used to air on KCOP-13 complete with annoying musical introductions. Every game night was Bill Walton Unplugged. He would go on and on with the comical insults roasting certain players and, sometimes, Ralph Lawler, his play by play man. Walton even roasted the Clippers themselves. Hilarity! Comic gold! I was hooked because whatever talent the team was lacking, they made up for that with Bill Walton. I know Walton was a San Diego Clipper, but I sometimes wondered if he was embarrassed commentating for the team.

Every first round draft pick the organization drafted have been failures. Why?

To be drafted by this franchise is the equivalent to be on the cover of the NFL videogame, Madden. Either they just plain sucked or they suffered injuries that hindered their performance for the rest of their careers. I noted that the Clippers franchise is cursed because of owner Donald Sterling’s shady ways in his real estate affairs. Sterling was caught up as those “shady” ways manifested into this organization. How can a man enjoy profits made (if any) from the Clippers and real estate, but field a shitty team? How can these draft picks be busts every time? How come they just naturally suck?

There were many questions, but no satisfying answer. Something did not add up. So I researched and found out some more stuff about the man as he was accused of being racist against blacks and Hispanics in his real estate business. There were controversies such as being accused of sexual harassment on separate occasions. In his business outside of basketball, Sterling is suspect. The Clippers quality of play is the victim. Simply put, there’s no balance. This theory sounds bizarre, but I don’t think I’m far from the truth.

Here is a classic piece from Patrick Range McDonald of the LA Weekly:

That piece explains a lot. There’s just too much bad vibes here. As long as Donald T. Sterling is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, be aware that the team will never amount to anything. I’m pretty sure he wants to win, but in order to win he should sacrifice and sell the team. Do it for the fans. Or he can turn a blind eye and be oblivious.

What does this have to do with Blake Griffin’s future? Everything.

Didn’t he just get injured with a stress fracture in his left knee putting him on the chilling list for 6 weeks? Was that a coincidence? He’s out of the running for rookie of the year. Someone please tell him that every kid that was drafted to the Clippers has not worked out. Not everything is Sterling’s fault though. During Griffin’s collegiate career, he had injuries to both knees. Will Blake always be injured? When he gets back, let’s pray that he does not suck. If he does, we’ll just add him to the list of past Clippers.

If I was Blake Griffin, I would sacrifice a pig to the Gods.

If you were drafted by the Clippers knowing this pattern of past players and history of owner Donald Sterling, what would you do?