Thursday , Nov , 05 , 2009 J.N.

Chris Paul versus Rajon Rondo feud

Chris Paul versus Rajon Rondo feudI regard Rajon Rondo as “flirting” to be in the top 5 of NBA point guards. He’s not in there yet. Rondo is merely flirting with that. I know you basketball diehard fans were watching that game where Chris Paul got into it with the leprechaun. Of course, this started over typical trash talk something to the extent of Rondo saying to Paul about him having a championship ring while his fingers will never have any. Foolish things to say? Not really. It’s basketball. It’s a competition. Egos are heavily involved. Anything goes. At least they’re not Gilbert Arenas having to deal with rumors of Shaq sleeping with his fiancée. If a feud ever involved that then it’s personal. Perhaps this explains why Arenas have been down in recent post game interviews…but whatever. Back on topic, Chris Paul wanted to murk something bad on Rondo after the game. He even tried to gain access to the Boston Celtics locker room.

This is what competition is all about. No friends here. All bad blood. Let’s try to examine each man’s perspective in this rivalry.

Rajon Rondo: I’ve gotten better each season. Yeah, I don’t have a jump shot to punish people when they do not play me close, but I have 3 Hall of Famers to take care of that in the mean time while I develop this jumper. You’re the best point guard in the game and have a right to display the dominance. On the other hand, I have the right to challenge that dominance. Remember I have a championship ring right here and you never will have one with that shitty roster. Did you see me late last season? I was racking up triple doubles making people believe that I might be the second coming of Jason Kidd. I got my money. I got a championship. Now I want the title of “Best Point Guard in the NBA.” I’m coming at you. I’m coming at you and your momma. You can even bring your whole damn family if you get in my face one more time. You probably don’t want KG to bark all over your face. Garnett has more F bombs in his vocabulary than any Lil Wayne album.

Chris Paul:
Your momma doesn’t scare me, but your breath does. You just look like a dude born with bad breath. Didn’t you see? I’m the Point God to the fans. I’m usually rated number one in fantasy leagues, so don’t even try, boy. At least I don’t look like a leprechaun. On half of your games, you have trouble flirting with 10 points so go flirt with little choir boys. Put me on your Celtic squad and we’ll be setting up shop with 70+ wins. I would average 15 assists a game. KG, P-Squared, and Ray Allen makes it easy for you in every game. For me, I face double teams all the time. Don’t be stupid, stupid. You’re not seeing double teams like me. Can you win go far with the roster I have to work with? Rondo, you’re lucky that I don’t hit women.

This is a good feud. I’m not sure if Paul can average 15 assists with the Celtic roster since Paul is used to being the number one scoring option for the New Orleans Hornets. Paul would have to give up his scoring just to concentrate on feeding the rock. When 2 out of the 3 Hall of Famers fade away then we’ll see how well Rondo can do.

But perhaps this rivalry started with this charm; “Kendrick Perkins told Chris Mannix of SI that Rajon Rondo said "Chris Paul has the stats that he has because he has the ball in his hands all game.”

What do you think of that statement? True or false?