Friday , Nov , 13 , 2009 J.N.

The stuff between Gilbert Arenas and Shaquille O’Neal

The stuff between Gilbert Arenas and Shaquille O'NealThe stuff between Arenas and Shaq is women. Before the dirty laundry was aired out, complete with yellow stains, I was trying to figure out what was wrong with Arenas. At first glance, he did a major media blackout. I just thought he didn’t want to talk because distractions would just mind fuck the dude adding more pressure to stay healthy. Arenas simply didn’t want to jinx anything and become a distraction himself or so I thought. There was a post game interview with the former Agent Zero recently where he did not want to talk to reporters at all. He was depressed and sad with his head down the entire time looking somber.

“I’ll be happy when I get to my car,” Arenas said.

This is not verbatim, but it’s something to that effect. You get the picture.

At first, he appeared to be avoiding any potential questions about his knee. With the recent news coming out concerning Shaq and Shaunie, now we know the source of his depression. Rumors were circulating about Gilbert Arenas’ fiancé, Laura Govan aka Lonnie, who has been cheating on him with Shaquille O’Neal. Shaunie O’Neal, Shaq’s wife, found out and quickly filed for divorce in Los Angeles. We can’t blame her. Go after that paper, girl. That doesn’t mean that Shaunie is in the clear either. She also committed adultery with a personal trainer. Then again, we can deduce that Shaq was smashing on the low well before Shaunie did anything. What can be said? NBA players get around with that instant fame and riches.

Why talk about this? When a major outlet, such as, is reporting stuff such as Shaq getting a divorce then it’s time to discuss this. Gilbert Arenas performance has been slipping a bit lately and we definitely know why. His mind is not in the game and that was evident when he set the Washington Wizard’s franchise record with 12 turnovers in a loss against Dwayne Wade’s Miami Heat 76-90. He’s a wounded animal out there searching for answers. It was tough for him to avoid thinking about Shaq and Laura since the pain and anger linger. The other thing that sucks even more is Arenas isn’t scoring at the pace he was before the injury. Despite being near 100% healthy, the 35-40 points per game nights are not happening any time soon because the emotional weight is simply too much right now in addition to carrying the team. Head up, Gil.

Shaq could get with any female out there. If he can’t, he has the money to pay for the vagina. Why go after another man’s fiancé in the NBA? Why? The mess will find its’ way to be publicized.

Who is the biggest loser? Who came out with some kind of victory? The biggest loser is Gilbert’s former fiancé. They were not married so Arenas will only have to pay child support since he did have seeds with her. Good luck on trying to get more out of him, Lonnie. Shaq is the next loser in line because he has to give up tons of money to the ex-wife. It’s finally time to give up Shaqapulco, baby. For a double whammy, he’s old and his mind will be distracted about the amount of loot he has to give up.

And even though he’s emotionally destroyed, Gilbert’s pain will mend in the long run. Gilbert stays getting paid without any divorce to fret over. He’s no angel himself, but he suffered a lesser fate.

What does their personal business have to do with the NBA? They’re superstars. They are celebrities in the sports realm. Their respective organizations depend on them to perform at the highest level every game. We have legit back story to garner a feud.

Keep on eye on those two whenever the teams play against each other. I hope they meet somewhere in the playoffs. C’mon David Stern. Make it happen. GET HYPE!

Shaq and Laura are trifling. Gilbert got done dirty. This is an absolute “flagrant foul.”

Whenever the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Washington Wizards, I suggest everyone to watch. Wouldn’t you be curious to see how Gilbert Arenas will try his hardest to score 60-70 points and win the game? Don’t you want to see how Shaq looks at Gilbert? Will a fight take place? How about some cheap shots?