Monday , Nov , 23 , 2009 J.N.

How long before Chris Paul demands a trade out of New Orleans?

How long before Chris Paul demands a trade out of New Orleans?The New Orleans Hornets organization is a disaster. They’re like the Titanic sailing smoothly, but didn’t know there is a huge iceberg ahead. The only notable thing they made was trading Tyson Chandler for Emeka Okafor; a slight upgrade, but with a huge contract. Everything else stayed the same. The lack of moves was disappointing since this showed that the Hornets did not really have anything to offer in trades outside of Chris Paul. Would they be willing to give up David West? He fits well with the franchise point guard so that’s not going to happen. What can they do besides adding Okafor?


And that’s the way Chris Paul and the Hornets fan base hate it.

With the firing of Byron Scott and general manager Jeff Bower anointing himself as head coach, the Hornets are off to a new direction. I’m just not sure if it is a good one. Towards the end of the 2008-2009 season, Scott was already losing the team. It’s not a good look when a player, such as Chris Paul, has more authority than him. The “new direction” appears worse when the general manager himself has to coach the team to clean up the mess. Please enjoy the slight little burst from the new coach. I’ve seen this before. The new energy is a mere novelty. The team will go back to stinking it up as usual later on. Start looking for a legit coach now in preparation for next season. This season’s team is not a playoff caliber team unless Chris Paul returns to form to how he was playing last year. Oh, I forgot. They have to get lucky, too.

My gripe about the entire Byron Scott firing: Since the organization fired him so early in the season, why didn’t they do this early in the offseason?

Emeka Okafor: There are rumors of Jeff Bower contemplating about trading this guy already. Wow! Okay, Bower. You got rid of Scott and now you want to trade Okafor when you just got him? Is this a simple case of buyer’s remorse? What the hell kind of direction is this? Appearance wise, there is no direction.

Darren Collison: Playing great. He’s a keeper.

Marcus Thornton: Another keeper. The guard rotation for the future is set for the organization.

Chris Paul: There’s nothing to be said. As of this writing, he’s out of the walking boot.

David West: Good choice to keep around for a few more seasons.

The rest of the roster lacks depth. Without Chris Paul, the team managed to log wins against the Phoenix Suns and Atlanta Hawks. Should the fans be excited? No. This is just a surge to impress the general manager and usually the roster plays harder when their superstar is out for some odd reason. Others will wonder if Byron Scott was holding the team back. How did he hold the team back? Didn’t he win Coach of the Year? I guess that award has become more meaningless.

If you were GM of the Hornets, how would you build around Chris Paul to keep him happy? What would you do with the current roster?