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Who has been the biggest NBA surprise thus far?

Who has been the biggest NBA surprise thus far?Every season, we arrive with expectations for every team and every player. Some are realistic, some are far fetched, and some are straight up bad. Whatever the expectations were, some of us will say, “A-ha! I told you so!” There will be some fans like that even though personally I don’t think they ever believed in it. That’s fine. It does not matter what we think. It matters what the player believed all along.

Brandon Jennings – I pegged him as being in constant battle with head coach Scott Skiles. I was dead wrong. He gets the minutes. The coach gets the production. We get to see the entertainment. Jennings has shown signs of slowing down recently, but that’s fine. He’s a rookie, right? Teams are focusing in on him. Many people thought he would be a bust. Not many thought Jennings would be this great.

Joakim Noah – He was leading the league in rebounding. As of this writing, Noah is number 2 at 12.2 rebounds per game. Many thought that this guy was just Anderson Varejao 2.0. Joakim is better than that, eh? He is steadily racking up double doubles. Noah is also a great fantasy stat player; low turnover rate and finds ways to stay out of foul trouble.

Ersan Ilyasova – Who is this guy again? Who? What? Never heard of him, but he has been putting up good numbers. The Turk came out of nowhere and surprised all of us. Get him on your fantasy team now unless people already grabbed him.

The Houston Rockets especially Aaron Brooks – They have an unimpressive roster on paper. Yet this roster makes it happen on the court. They find ways to win amazingly. There is no Tracy McGrady. There is no Yao Ming. You would think that this team would go 0-20. They are in still holding on to a playoff spot. That’s flat out amazing. Trevor Ariza really blossomed as he is the team’s leading scorer and stealer. This squad is playing with pure heart and hustle. Aaron Brooks. Cot damn homey.

The Los Angeles Clippers actually winning games
– Nuff said. Great Scott! How can this be? They’re almost playing .500 ball. Is this merely fantasy? Let’s see how long they last. Knowing them, the team will be gutted full of injuries and an inevitable collapse is on the horizon. The

Sacramento Kings with Tyreke Evans
– This squad is performing a bit above .500 without Kevin Martin. Do they even need Martin anymore? They’re playing fine without him. Jason Thompson keeps on improving and Tyreke Evans has raised some eyebrows. If they can somehow sneak into the playoffs as the number 8 seed, they’ll be the biggest surprise this season.

Are there any other surprises that were not mentioned here? Was it Artest’s drinking activity when he was with the Chicago Bulls? Was it Josh Smith finally putting it together? Give Hoopsvibe a piece of your mind. Also, tell us why. What has surprised you so far?