Wednesday , Dec , 09 , 2009 J.N.

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls: What’s going on?

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls: What's going on?Christmas doesn’t exist in Chicago.

Originally they were pegged as a playoff team before the season started. The current situation does not fit those predictions. They’ll be lucky to land the eighth seed. The Chicago squad lost to the worst team in the NBA, the New Jersey Nets with a 2-19 record. How did the Bulls get this way? For starters, they were merely crappy to begin with. Remember, Rose and company played against a Boston Celtic squad without Kevin Garnett. The red team had a tough time and this was with Ben Gordon. Without BG7, they would have been swept. They became the new NBA darlings with many pegging them as a potential threat next season.

Next season is here. They clearly suck.

Don’t be blaming their crappiness on injuries. Don’t do that. Those are more excuses. We get Kirk Hinrich is out. We get Tyrus Thomas is out. We get it. Those reasons do not define how pathetic the current Bulls are appearing. Even with those two at full health, Chicago was mediocre. The head coach Vinny Del Negro should not be on the hot seat right now. Common sense says that he did not put this roster together. The blame begins with the owner Jerry Reinsdorf and ends with the tag team general managers John Paxson and Gar Foreman. These three simply do not know how to put together team. Take some advice from outsiders, Chicago. Anything outside of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah simply sucks. It hurts to accept that, huh? Many die hard Bulls fans have been saying that for years. All the denials from the brass have caught up.

Why is Derrick Rose so passive?
Why is Kirk Hinrich still there? What does he provide?
Why is Tyrus Thomas still there? What can he do?
Why is John Salmons playing shooting guard when he’s a natural small forward?
Why is Luol Deng letting Jarrett Jack tie his shoes?
Why hasn’t Brad Miller’s name come up in trade talks as a throw in?
Where is Omer Asik?
Why does Vinny Del Negro have nice hair?
Why did anyone think that Jannero Pargo can ever fulfill Ben Gordon’s shoes?

There are many questions that have yet to be answered. This is a severe case of “Management does not know what they’re doing.” They have no plan. They have no direction. Building a team from winning programs sound great in theory, but it’s terrible in reality. Let’s not do that ever again. Abolish that. Pretend it never happened. The roster shouldn’t be called “the Baby Bulls.” That’s flat out wrong. Tyson Chandler, Jamal Crawford, and Eddy Curry are no longer here. The management should be called, “babies.” Bring in a new general manager and this is what he should do.

  • Look to trade Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng for something regardless of management’s favoritism towards them. Quite frankly, they’re not helping the team evolve into something better. They’re nice people, but it’s time to cut the losses. They peaked.
  • Get rid of Tyrus Thomas. He’s not a true small forward or true power forward. Thomas is a role player with energy.
  • John Salmons should have been traded in the off season. He’s not going to stay with the team.
  • Get some tough veterans.
  • Give James Johnson more playing time for developmental purposes.
  • Don’t tank. That never works. Ask Portland and Greg Oden. Instead, keep playing hard. Don’t go out like a punk.
  • Hire Byron Scott or Avery Johnson next off season.

As for the fans, hope that that the Bulls keep losing while playing hard. Pray to God that a top 3 pick land so that another Derrick can do us a favor; Derrick Favors that is. When someone soft lets someone tie his shoes or a team take a loss from a 2-19 team, it’s time to uproot the roster.