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Revisited: Should gambling be nationally legalized on NBA games?

Revisited: Should gambling be nationally legalized on NBA games?Commissioner David Stern has said that national legalized gambling on NBA games "may be a huge opportunity."

Excuse me, but gambling on NBA games has been going on since forever. This time Stern finally realizes that the League is missing out on an obscene amount of money in this economy; sounds like desperation. Gambling and sports? Come on. Who wants to discuss this without thinking about things being “rigged” and “predetermined” like Vince McMahon’s WWE? Stern has left this issue with his successor to deal with. The whole statement comes at a weird time with people accusing referees of helping out at an all time high and disgraced ref Tim Donaghy making huge allegations in the book “Personal Foul: A First-Person Account of the Scandal That Rocked the NBA.”

NBA games are rigged? No way! That’s just absurd.

In the midst of this awkward situation, why is David Stern even entertaining this idea? Why? Let’s explore the psychology. Money is a huge issue here. When a person gets desperate, they’ll start thinking about a lot of options; any option. Yet, this is the National Basketball Association. Yes, we understand that revenues are low. Then again, the league can’t be this bad financially. Basketball is a true sport isn’t it? This is not the WWE. What’s going on? David Stern’s open mindedness towards gambling might just be an acknowledgment to Tim Donaghy’s accusations. Why even say such a thing to the press? There is too much subtext to Stern’s notion that I don’t even know where to begin. This is one of those times where it’s better to keep that mouth shut. If the NBA were to implement gambling, how would that work?

Do we go to and place bets via credit card, ATM, and Paypal? Is the NBA that determined to cut Las Vegas out completely?

Go ahead. Do it. Implement the bloody thing. There will be no NBA after that. There wouldn’t be a point to watching. Why would anyone want to make it to the NBA? Will there be scripts handed out before the game to the players, refs, and coaches? Who determines the winner? We already know the NBA Draft can be rigged at times, such as New York taking Patrick Ewing, but this would literally vanquish the sport to oblivion. We believe that some games are rigged. By publicly stating that gambling is an option worth exploring…I’ll be damned. Fine then. Let’s explore it.

Pros: More money for everyone if you win. More revenue generated. The NBA is one mega epic casino. Bookies and fans can relay messages to referees and players to do certain things through Twitter. The returning message should be “I’ll try my best to lose the game for you. No sweat, playa.” The fans can actually win something worthwhile. This would be true fan and player interaction.

Cons: Competition and integrity can kill themselves.

Money is money. There’s a lot of money to be made. How much can I bet on integrity?

Should the NBA actually implement gambling?