Tuesday , Dec , 15 , 2009 J.N.

Gilbert Arenas: From Hibachi to serving spoiled food.

Gilbert Arenas: From Hibachi to serving spoiled food.Okay, okay Gilly Gill. You’re pissing off the fan base, fam. We understand that you’re going through some heartbreak and that you probably do not care about basketball at all. Let’s hope Arenas snap out of it faster than later in the season. If he ever snaps out of the pain, better do it soon because the Washington Wizards do not look like a playoff caliber team. Gilbert Arenas has choked in the clutch by missing a crucial layup against Toronto Raptors on December 4th. He choked again at the charity stripe against the Boston Celtics on December 10th. He did it again in the clutch against the Indiana Pacers despite having a triple double. Against the Los Angeles Clippers, Arenas fouled out while committing six turnovers.

Agent Zero has become just zero. He’s confused about the role on the team, on what to do, and sometimes, it just looks like he’s not interested in leading the team. It’s no wonder that the team trusts Earl Boykins more in the clutch than the self proclaimed “Hibachi.” I would be embarrassed. He cannot be using his knees as an excuse for missing free throws. I was watching those games, man. It was mental. There are no physical problems at all. Stop lying.

Here are his problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible: 1) Stop treating the game like it was NBA Jam Tournament Edition. Reality says, “You’re not on fire!” 2) Chucking. What’s up with that mess? Take smarter shots. 3) Too many three point attempts. It’s disgusting. Quit it. 4) Turnovers. 5) Tell Earl Boykins to stop trying to be like Michael Jordan during the last seconds of any game.

That’s about it. When he is on fire though, give him the green light. Otherwise, Arenas is looking like an overpaid chucker out there. The scoring average went down tremendously and the shooting percentage is below 40 percent. Gilbert doesn’t help with that ugly turnover rate either. Is he worthy of an All Star appearance this season? Of course he does. Arenas is still putting up those numbers. He’s still the best player for the Washington Wizards.

Is it time for Washington brass to consider trading him?

The problem here is the Wizards is still with that huge contract. No other team around the league would want to take that on especially when they’re trying to clear cap space for Free Agency 2010. Gil’s contract is too heavy. The core of Arenas, Butler, and Jamison has reached their peak. Try to trade Caron Butler first. Then look to trade Jamison somewhere. Gilbert stays by default because of the anchor contract. At times, he does not have any confidence. The “I demand the ball” Arenas is missing. Someone better help him find that guy. Fast. The 4 games he choked away truly did a number in his head. He’ll keep replaying the moments over and over again. For the rest of his career, Arenas better not have the Nick Anderson syndrome.

Is it time to trade him?

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