Thursday , Dec , 31 , 2009 J.N.

NBA wish lists for the New Year vol. 2010 (Northwest Division)

NBA wish lists for the New Year vol. 2010 (Northwest Division)2010 is coming. Christmas is gone. Everyone should be shooting guns in the air, getting into random hookups with STDs provided, or getting shitfaced. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, the last thing on your mind would be about your favorite NBA team. I’m breaking this down per division. I’m not going to explain what they need to do. Rather, I’ll explain each team has to do as well as their wants and needs; simplified and easy. No need to get technical. After all, this is a merely a wish list.

Denver Nuggets – Keep trucking along. The thing here is that they lack big men, but they still get it done. It’s time to acquire a big man for bench depth. How are they going to do this? The problem is hardly noticeable when Carmelo Anthony is performing at a near MVP level. The Detroit Pistons will not hook the team up with Chris Wilcox just because Billups once played there. C’mon man. Rip Hamilton going to Denver is a possibility. Also, stop trying to pimp K-Mart to the Chicago Bulls. They need a big man, but not an over the hill one. Nene Hilario for Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich would be a trade that Bulls fans would explore and not turn down so easily.

Portland Trailblazers – The big men are extinct. Greg Oden is gone. Joel Pryzbilla is gone. Their front line is depleted with the exception of LaMarcus Aldridge. Wait. He just went down against the Clippers. Damn homey. What happened here? Somebody have Sam Bowie on line one. He has some explaining to do. The front line has vanished to the injury monster. They have to wish to get some kind of trade completed to acquire a big who can hold down the fort the rest of the season. Perhaps it’s that time to call Chicago and inquire about Brad Miller. Here’s a team that needs big men in a hurry. They’re on life support.

Utah Jazz – Why didn’t they trade Carlos Boozer earlier? The team is not good enough to contend for anything, but good enough to make playoffs. They need proper retooling. I wouldn’t uproot the entire roster although a few pieces would be moved such as Boozer. The Jazz desperately needs more intense defensive big men to succeed. Mehmet Okur is not going to get that done.

Oklahoma City Thunder – Kevin Durant is a baller. This squad just needs tons more of winning experience for the New Year. Jeff Green should drink up to consistency because he desperately needs it. He can’t be coasting through some games with just 6 points and 2 rebounds. That’s awful. What’s going on with the dude? Somebody answer! I can’t say the same for Russell Westbrook. He’s become the 2nd most important player on this ball club. In a weird way, Westbrook answered a wish that nobody thought about. He’s becoming a top flight point guard.

Minnesota Timberwolves – Oh my goodness. This team desperately needs good players inspired by 100 shots of vodka. Here’s a team that features Al Jefferson. Minny, do him a favor and trade him to a winning team because the Wolves will not be winning anything within the next 3 seasons. Kevin Love is a good stat machine while Jonny Flynn doesn’t set up people enough with open looks. Or perhaps this team is not good enough for open looks. Whatever the case maybe at least Corey Brewer is showing signs of being a serviceable player. Get drunk, Wolves fans. You’ll need it.