Monday , Jan , 04 , 2010 J.N.

NBA wish lists for the New Year vol. 2010 (Central Division)

NBA wish lists for the New Year vol. 2010 (Central Division)2010 is coming. Christmas is gone. Everyone should be shooting guns in the air, getting into random hookups with STDs provided, or getting shitfaced. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, the last thing on your mind would be about your favorite NBA team. I’m breaking this down per division. I’m not going to explain what they need to do. Rather, I’ll explain each team has to do as well as their wants and needs; simplified and easy. No need to get technical. After all, this is a merely a wish list.

Cleveland Cavaliers – Lebron James and the rest of the Cavaliers are flying high right now. After blowing out Kobe’s Lakers on Christmas day, Lebron probably thinks he’s Jesus. Mo Williams is performing like an All Star even though there are many people who believe that he should not be one this year. That’s fine. Everyone has opinions. The thing here is the offense for this squad is a bit shallow. Since Lebron is great, no one really notices. They tend to let Bron go one on one a little bit too much as a bailout. For 2010, they have 2 wishes. The first one is to win a title. After they fulfill the first one, the second wish is definite as a way to keep Lebron from jumping ship. JJ Hickson is probably terrible and Cavs need a scoring power forward that was left vacant by Carlos Boozer years ago. The first thing that is on Bron’s wish list is a Phantom. Oh hey! Shaq bought one for him. How convenient!

Chicago Bulls – Anything involving the Bulls in trade rumors, Bulls fans eat that up like crack fiends. The wish on most Bulls fans list is to be in a major trade; ANY major trade that can bring in an All Star power forward or shooting guard that can help Derrick Rose. Right now, the latest rumor is Kirk Hinrich for Caron Butler. I’m not so sure if that has any legs, but the rumor exists. If anyone noticed, the biggest wish was for Derrick Rose to play like Dwayne Wade. He has actually looked like that in the past few games. Is he finally getting it? Is this the time he breaks out? Also, do these same questions apply to Tyrus Thomas? Let’s see if general manager Gar Forman can pull out a good trade out of his ass.

Milwaukee Bucks – Brandon Jennings might not win the Rookie of the Year award after all since he’s been slipping and Sacramento’s Tyreke Evans is on the rise. Roko Ukic had his contract voided and released even though that’s not newsworthy to report since fans are interested in stars, not scrubs. Michael Redd wants to contend. Hey, Mike. Everybody wants something. I want a Phantom like Lebron. Will I get one? Your best shot to contend is to mosey on down to San Antonio. Your shot awaits you. I think that’s what the wish is. Bucks fans really want Redd off the team.

Detroit Pistons – Is Buyer’s Remorse sinking in for general manager Joe Dumars? Ben Gordon got his money yet he’s still coming off the bench. Gordon cannot complain too much since sitting on the bench means that he gets to chill more with the homey Charlie Villanueva. So Dumars overpaid both to be bench players? How did that work? This team is in rebuild mode and the next guy on the block is Richard Hamilton. This team wishes they were the 2004 Pistons.

Indiana Pacers – They have been trying to trade TJ Ford for years. How come they got him in the first place? This team doesn’t have direction. What are they doing? Larry Bird’s wish for 2010 is to build a good team around Danny Granger. He’s actually not getting that done. They need a good point guard in the worst way.