Monday , Jan , 04 , 2010 J.N.

NBA wish lists for the New Year vol. 2010 (Pacific Division)

NBA wish lists for the New Year vol. 2010 (Pacific Division)2010 is here. 2009 is gone. Everyone should be lamenting about the changes around the work environment and new age philosophers praising new energy. Tell them to get their checks and get lost. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, the last thing on your mind would be about your favorite NBA team. I’m breaking this down per division. I’m not going to explain what they need to do. Rather, I’ll explain each team has to do as well as their wants and needs; simplified and easy. No need to get technical. After all, this is a merely a wish list.

Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe and the Lakers only worry about injuries such as Pau Gasol’s tender ankles, Ron Artest’s head, and Kobe’s shooting fingers. Andrew Bynum can go out at any minute while people complain about the Machine Sasha Vujacic. In a weird way, he became the Lakers’ black sheep. Or was that Lamar Odom? The Lakers are pretty lonely sitting on top and I’m pretty sure they want it that way. Phil Jackson keeps a look out on for Artest appearing butt naked on television, which would leave ESPN sucking (pause) for air. There’s not much to say about this team. They look unstoppable and could be on their way to a commanding 2nd straight title. The only teams standing in the way in the East are the Boston Celtics and the Cavs. I’d like to see what Derek Fisher said about Kobe to the test. Let’s see the man average 50 points a game. I understand hyping your man up, but damn. D-Fish wishes Kobe can average that to cover up for Fish’s deficiencies. By the way, I bet a lot of people working for the Lakers wish they can smash Bonnie-Jill Laflin, a scout for the Lakers and assistant general manager of the Lakers developmental team. Google her.

Phoenix Suns – Steve Nash is still your beloved MVP point guard. The old man keeps on doing his thing. Amare Stoudemire fell off. Yeah, that’s right. He fell off. Two bad knees is something no one should build a franchise around. Keep on quietly rebuilding the team and trade Amare for a top 3 draft pick or something.

LA Clippers – They need Blake Griffin to make an impact in any way. They were hoping he came back around Christmas, but Santa didn’t want that to happen. For 2010, Blake can probably win games by himself if he can live up to the billing of being the number one pick. What else can the Clippers wish for? A new owner. This franchise is so abysmal that it’s beyond saving. Baron Davis doesn’t even give a damn any more.

Sacramento Kings – Tyreke Evans has emerged to become the front runner for ROY. What they really wish for is to relocate to Las Vegas and trade away Kevin Martin since they have shown that they can win without him. Jason Thompson is very underrated and solid; a keeper. Spencer Hawes is ineffective. Joakim Noah has proven that he’s way better than him. If this ball club ever went to Vegas, do you know how many players want to set camp there?

Golden State Warriors – My personal wish for them is to get rid of Nellie Ball. How come Anthony Randolph has been riding the bench? This is frustrating for a Warrior fan to witness. He’s better than Tyrus Thomas. Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis can coexist. Is that enough to win? Definitely not.