Monday , Jan , 04 , 2010 J.N.

NBA wish lists for the New Year vol. 2010 (Southeast Division)

NBA wish lists for the New Year vol. 2010 (Southeast Division)2010 is here. 2009 is gone. Everyone should be lamenting about the changes around the work environment and new age philosophers praising new energy. Tell them to get their checks and get lost. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, the last thing on your mind would be about your favorite NBA team. I’m breaking this down per division. I’m not going to explain what they need to do. Rather, I’ll explain each team has to do as well as their wants and needs; simplified and easy. No need to get technical. After all, this is a merely a wish list.

Orlando Magic – Answer me this question. Please answer for anyone reading this. IS DWIGHT HOWARD A TOP 5 NBA PLAYER? Give us your best shot. His offensive numbers went down since Vince Carter joined. I know, I know. There’s Vince Carter, Jameer Nelson, and Rashard Lewis who can score. Howard is left to protect and defend the paint. He shouldn’t worry about scoring. Then again, the offensive scheme does not look like they have many plays designed for Dwight. The number one thing on the team’s wish list is the ability to rebound. No one outside Dwight Howard can do it. It’s a shame. The ball movement has been bad and they shoot too many threes. Rashard Lewis does not box out and does not defend. Jameer Nelson is bad on defense, too. The Magic lacks leadership as well. I’m not sure if there are any fixes.

Atlanta Hawks – Joe Johnson has been playing like shit lately. He’s not worth any max contract because Joe is not in the same tier as Garnett, Wade, Melo, Kobe, and Lebron. Marvin Williams is a huge disappointment and the ball club lacks big men outside of Al Horford. The Hawks do not match up against Cleveland because of this. Josh Smith is still erratic with the jump shot. Having Jamal Crawford off the bench is nice, but they can’t expect him to save the day when the starters play bad. They wish they had more quality big men. Al Horford at starting center is not a good look.

Miami Heat – According to Dwayne Wade, Beasley lacks “go to” muscle in the 4th quarter. What he lacks, he makes up in his afro. Jermaine O’Neal has been “meh.” Carlos Arroyo is as good as gone even though he’s a better playmaker than Mario Chalmers. Meanwhile, Chalmers has been regulated to the bench. The fans wish head coach Erik Spoelstra fired because of lack of experience and adjustments.

Charlotte Bobcats – Gerald Wallace is an All Star. Read that again. Wallace has been beasting. He earned a spot. Also, look again. They are holding the 8th seed in the East. That’s unbelievable. No, they are not going to land any big time free agent in 2010. The Cats need Michael Jordan to lace them up and be that big time superstar they’re gunning for. Tyson Chandler has been a bust. He is not producing anything, which confirms that Chris Paul made his career. What’s up with Boris Diaw? He’s been really bad.

Washington Wizards – Who shot ya? Gilbert Arenas has to deal with the district attorney over bad “playful” mistakes. Why couldn’t they settle this over a nice game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? This team is about to be blown up. Who wished for that?