Tuesday , Jan , 05 , 2010 J.N.

NBA wish lists for the New Year vol. 2010 (Southwest Division)

NBA wish lists for the New Year vol. 2010 (Southwest Division)2010 is here. 2009 is gone. Everyone should be lamenting about the changes around the work environment and new age philosophers praising new energy. Tell them to get their checks and get lost. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, the last thing on your mind would be about your favorite NBA team. I’m breaking this down per division. I’m not going to explain what they need to do. Rather, I’ll explain each team has to do as well as their wants and needs; simplified and easy. No need to get technical. After all, this is a merely a wish list.

Dallas Mavericks – Rodrigue Beaubois has been earning a lot of praise. He’s pushing Barea out of the starting lineup. The Mavs also need another quality big. The offense is fine with Jason Kidd, Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, and Jason Terry. They just can’t get defensive rebounds when Dampier is sitting on the bench against playoff caliber teams. They better fetch another defensive rebounding big man. In conclusion, they need to get an energy big guard and another rebounding defense animal, like a Joakim Noah, at the center position.

San Antonio Spurs – They need to defend at a championship level. They cannot get away with Blair at power forward because he needs more time to develop. Believe it or not, this team is one piece away from truly challenging Kobe’s Lakers again. What piece would that be? Notice a pattern? Yep, they need another big man like Samuel Dalembert or Elton Brand. Manu Ginobli might be trade bait for that. They can’t trade away Richard Jefferson because then that would leave them thin at the small forward position.

Houston Rockets – Where does Tracy McGrady end up? Where does he go? If the Rockets can trade him for Andre Iguodala with Samuel Dalembert then Rockets fans should run the streets naked. Trading away a broken down expiring contract that will make the 2010 All Star game based on name recognition in return for a young big guard that can do anything that T-Mac can do without the clutch factor and a center who can be good when he wants to is a great wish to fulfill for the city of Houston. If management can pull something like that off then the Rockets become threats. Think about the lineup: Iggy, Dalembert, Scola, Ariza, Brooks, Lowry, Battier, and the eventual return of Yao Ming. Rockets fans should be fapping to this already. Keep dreaming.

New Orleans Hornets – Chris Paul is suffering with a .500 team. They added depth to the guards with Marcus Thornton and Darren Collison yet the Emeka Okafor experiment hasn’t quite worked as planned. CP3 needs to get back to that MVP level he was performing at last season to gain any ground in making the playoffs. David West is steady, but the big men depth is lacking. Devin Brown has quietly emerged. The forwards are thin on the roster. Swing a trade for another proven shooter. Peja alone is not enough.

Memphis Grizzlies – Wow. They can be a playoff team this season. That’s the wish for 2010; finally breakthrough. OJ Mayo has been under performing. Fans can’t blame that on the black hole that is Zach Randolph because if you look at the statistics, Mayo has been getting 15+ shots almost every single game. He just has to convert more instead of missing. Rudy Gay and Marc Gasol have stepped up their games. Mike Conley should rip a page out of Rondo’s book. Obviously he can’t score a lot like a Paul, Deron, or even Derrick Rose. He can try to hustle on defense and make play making the number one priority since he has so many offensive weapons at his disposal.