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Vinny Del Negro for NBA Coach of the Year starring John Paxson

I’m the most diehard Chicago Bulls fan on HoopsVibe so it only makes sense that I voice my opinion about the situation. Because I can.

Anyway, the situation took place right after the Nets game. The game itself was embarrassing to witness because the Bulls had the game in overtime only to squander it away. Fans will probably say that Joakim Noah being in there for just another minute or so would have made the difference. John Paxson thought the same way. The back story is Joakim Noah was battling an injury and was making a comeback. Bulls management thought they he should be brought back slowly. Apparently 35 minutes of game time was the cap number for Noah in that game. Del Negro took him out after 35 minutes, but it was during a crucial time where they still needed him.

After the game, the confrontation ensued.

This is moot now since the Chicago Bulls made the playoffs with the 8th seed. David Stern and the NBA are further looking into the situation. Shots fired. People hired lawyers.

This is all stupid.

This happens a lot with people behind the scenes in sports, business, entertainment, or where ever. Should this be tolerated in a professional setting? Hell no. Should Paxson be fired? Yes. I’m surprised he’s not fired right now as I type this. Whatever happened, I don’t think it matters who provoked it. There have been many conflicting reports now. The truth has already been told, but it’s difficult to sift through the junk. The constant thing that keeps coming up is John Paxson grabbed Vinny Del Negro by the tie and thumped his chest with his pointer finger. I don’t know if that’s true either, but the clear fact remains is that Paxson did physically touched The Black in a threatening matter.

He should be fired on those grounds because this happened in Vinny’s office (from what I understand), which is a professional setting. If this occurred outside in some parking lot or at some bar then no one should be fired.  

If you or any commoner did this in a professional setting, you’re gone. If I did this, I’m escorted out by personnel and terminated immediately with the “check is in the mail.” However, for the Bulls, they made it to the playoffs so they can’t fire Vinny Del Negro. They could relieve John Paxson of his duties right now, but I don’t believe that owner Jerry Reinsdorf will do it because he doesn’t have the balls. Paxson is “his boy.”

Whether Paxson has a temper or whatever does not even matter either. This is sports. People want to win. It’s competitive. Just don’t touch each other like that.

Does this affect their big free agent search? Yes. Anyone who says no is stupid, point blank. Would you apply at a job knowing that they have a management cesspool? Opposing general managers will have a field day over exaggerating Chicago’s front office atmosphere painting an ugly picture to persuade Chris Bosh, Amar’e Stoudemire, Joe Johnson, and any other big names from signing with the Bulls. This should have been dealt in house privately.

To be fair, get rid of both after the season is done including Gar Forman who is useless.

Del Negro should be coach of the year because he had to physically fight it out and deal with people throwing him under the bus. Say what you want about The Black whether he wasn’t experienced or just plain stupid, but John Paxson hired him knowing this. Vinny has been working with an inconsistent roster. He lost Ben Gordon (Pax didn’t want him back), Tyrus Thomas, John Salmons, and suffered significant injuries to Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and Luol Deng complete with Kirk Hinrich’s regression.

The Black has been a miracle worker. He’s been the fall guy since day one and still led the Bulls to the playoffs back to back. What more do you want from an inexperienced coach with a gimped roster? Forget Scott Skiles. Forget Scott Brooks. Del Negro for Coach of the Year!

If anyone should be called “stupid,” it is the management with all the moves they made. Apparently, they’ll challenge you over a physical fight if you disagree than an argument.


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