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The next big thing Kevin Durant versus The best thing now LeBron James

Brought to you by the makers of Michael Jordan versus series, LeBron versus line, Kobe versus and the barely visited Dwayne Wade versus LeBron debates, we bring to you the latest and greatest in the long line of internet debates, Kevin Durant versus LeBron James. Yes, it is another one in a classic barn burner debates spark by large usage of extreme GIF images to represent reaction and smart witty remarks with people using a lot of free time to dissect statistics.

Diehard fans get upset over their horse when someone tries to one up the other person with historical perspective and manipulation of statistics. It’s fun. People call out each other’s families. Screen names are placed on bets and then retired. Certain people become ghosts, or lurkers, after they cannot debate further. Other people become retarded echoes. The most hilarious part is the eventual Troll who demonstrates lack of knowledge.

Durantula has become the youngest ever to lead the NBA in scoring with 30.1 points per game. You do realize that no one has ever done that, correct? Oscar, Jordan, LeBron, and Tyreke Evans are the only four to average 20-5-5 for their rookie years. Durant, however, is in a class by himself with his accomplishment. The kid is only 21 years old averaging 30.1 points. No one has ever led the league in scoring at that age before.  I’m still shell shocked typing this up. He’s truly showing the world that he is a “once in a generation” type player.

Let the future projections begin for Durantula. What is his peak? What will he be averaging at his absolute prime? Kobe averaged 35 points before. MJ averaged 37.1. Therefore, this prediction is not a reach: LeBron will never eclipse MJ’s 37.1 points per game when he was 23 years young. He’s an all around player capable of 50+ points on certain nights, but he’s not a scorer like Durant. What do I mean by that? Durant’s primary role is to score and out gun. His game is tailor made for that. He’s a great shooter and can flat out score from anywhere. If anyone is to breathe on him, he’s going to the line. Durant does not worry about assists or rebounds like LeBron does either.

LeBron does share similarities with Durant’s game except he does not have a jumper that is as consistently automatic as Durant’s. Also, Durant’s 3 point shot is a lot better. Again, I have to place emphasis on James’ ability to grab rebounds and rack up assists. He does that a lot better than Durant making him the complete all around player. LeBron James is definitely the better player right now because of that and for the next few years. Kevin Durant is the superior scorer and will lead the league for the next few consecutive seasons unless he suffers a serious injury with his bony wiry frame.

James once said that he could lead the league in scoring if he wanted.

I believe him. At 21 years young, he averaged 31.4 points per game. That is more that Durant’s league leading 30.1. He also led the Cavs to the second round of the playoffs while averaging 30.8 points in his third year. I don’t see Durantula leading the Thunder past Kobe’s Lakers this season.

Let this debate begin. Who’s the better player for the next 5+ seasons?


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