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Which is the better big man to chase in the 2010 Free Agent Class: Amar’e or Bosh?

Dear Chris Bosh,
Amar’e once said, “No doubt about it, I’m better than Chris Bosh.”

Yes, he said that.

Most hardcore fanatics are wondering about your status since the Toronto Raptors took a huge dump into the 2010 Free Agent Class abyss. Be honest. Toronto’s ball club has not done anything noteworthy since you became “The Man” after the previous man, Vince Carter, left. I don’t blame you for the destruction of the squad. There’s plenty of blame for everyone involved. The primary blame is on your general manager Bryan Colangelo and the scouts. They put the team together. They need to do better research and have a better understanding on how to construct a roster. Simply put, there are not many defensive tough guys on the team who will do the dirty work that does not show up on the box scores. Most worry about their stats or role. It’s a tragic Shakespearean nightmare.

You’ve been there for 7 years and the team never got better and it’s time to rebuild yet again. To make their jobs easier, leave. Leave. Go far away. Learn from your mistakes. It’s a lost cause. Toronto cannot attract a big time free agent either. Andrea Bargnani is ready to be the number one option? I guess he was ready to take your spot, Bosh. You see that there? He didn’t care about defense and rebounding. He just wanted you to leave. You are entering your prime.

Learn from Charles Barkley.

The Sixers traded him after years of Barkley criticizing the team. He wasn’t wrong. The players weren’t up to snuff. He knew it. Everyone else knew it. Phoenix got him and had a better cast that helped him get to the 1993 Finals and an MVP award. Learn from Pau Gasol, too. He was The Man in Memphis, but did not win a damn thing. The Grizzlies traded him away to the Lakers and the rest is history. Both men gained success leaving their former teams.

Do the same. Frankly, you’ve only been to the playoffs twice.

The only two teams I see available that would fit what you want are Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls. Leave. Now. As far as I’m concerned, the relationship with the Raptors is over. They could not fulfill your wants and needs. Time to breakup.

Money is not an issue since either team can offer the max. Chicago does have the better team with Rose, Noah, Deng, Gibson, Miller, and Hinrich. On the other hand, Miami have sunny weather, beaches, and wild sex parties.

Miami and Chicago are wondering which big man to chase: you or Amare? Amar’e in Phoenix is not set in stone yet. STAT has not signed any deal. He’s playing well in the playoffs while you sit at home. He’s been a consistent at making the playoffs. Sure, he has a good cast around him. What else is new? Amar’e is the better player to garner because he’s been accepting the second fiddle role behind Steve Nash. He could have pouted and bickered about being the top dog, but all quiet on the western front. STAT can play with Wade or Derrick Rose just fine. What about you? You have said that where ever you go, you have to be number one. If you can’t deflate your ego, you will stay a loser.

Amar’e is probably the better big man because of this regardless of two bad knees and a bad eye. Embarrassing.

With warmest regards. (End of letter)

If your team was in the market for Bosh or Amar’e, which one do you chase after and why? (If there are no responses, I’ll assume you agreed with me).

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