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The 2010 Top 10 “Stay Away from these Guys” NBA Fantasy Players (5-1)

The top 5 players are notorious for flaking out in fantasy basketball land. These guys are major risks. Take at your own caution. They can make or break you.

5. Elton Brand – He’s still not a difference maker. He got slower and came off the bench. Brand should be left undrafted in any 10 team league.  If anyone drafts him then that’s a huge mistake since Marreese Speights will be the starter. Brand just based on name and past glories now. This is a waste of a pick. Elton was a great pick 5 years ago. Today, he is an albatross. This man will not make or break you because we know better with Brand.

4. Andrew Bynum – Bynum is usually injured somewhere. He only got in one full 82 game season and that was during the sophomore campaign. Straight up, this kid is not a first round pick based on health. 46, 35, 50, 65 games seasons are cringe worthy. You are reaching if you take him in the first round. Perhaps a 3rd round would suffice or even a 4th round would be better. I’d take him with the intent on trading him immediately to a Laker homer for better pieces.

3. Greg Oden – Oden is as fragile as a Faberge egg. The man of glass is so fragile that when a person sneezes on him, Oden is out for the year. This is a pure bona fide undrafted big man. A few people made the mistake of picking him up during the 2009-2010 season when he was healthy. He did produce good fantasy worthy numbers. Then bam! Greg hit the ground again. The kid is waiver wire fodder. He will give good numbers when healthy, but a huge red flag health risk. Simply put, Oden is worth it. If anyone has good luck with him next season, kudos. The real big man to choose from Portland instead is LaMarcus Aldridge.

2. Gilbert Arenas – Gilly Gill misses games because of injury and trouble. Arenas is the most dicey situation. When healthy, he is as great as they come. He gets threes, steals, assists, rebounds, and buckets. I’m talking superstar numbers across the grid. There are nights where he is chucking, but we take good with the bad. Unfortunately, we take more bad than good with Arenas. There is a side that romanticizes his exploits on the court. There is the other side that wonders when he is going to go down. I do not want that. I can imagine that no one else wants that either. Should he go undrafted? No. If he’s still there in the 7th-10th round somewhere, snatch him up. If you take him within your first 6 picks, you messed up.

1. Yao Ming – A big man possessed with Yao’s talents are rare to find. He outputs high field goal percentage, high free throw percentage, points, rebounds, blocks, and some assists. He was durable during the first 3 seasons. Now, he is another injury away from retiring. Worst case scenario is that he misses entire seasons, which he has done. His name is as big as they come. When healthy, he is a destroyer. Honestly, Yao should go left untouched in many leagues depending on how deep the league is. He is consistent. He’s just not reliable.



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