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Save Michael Beasley, please!

I’m officially starting the “Save Michael Beasley” campaign. This is a long arduous journey filled with hot babes, hot sex, drugs, booze, self destruction, hot Miami nights, self loathing, self reflection, and change – not necessarily in that order.

The Boston Celtics has eliminated the Miami Heat from the playoffs. Dwayne Wade did all he could. What happened to the rest of the cast is anyone’s guess, but it is fun to speculate. Hey! That sounds like a great idea. Let’s do that.

Jermaine O’Neal is old. Mario Chalmers is a rotation player and Quentin Richardson is a chucker. The only player worth a damn is Daequan Cook who is slowly emerging. Udonis Haslem is not at fault because he lost the starting job to Michael Beasley. Look, I’m going to say the thing that is on everyone’s mind.

Michael Beasley is a savior. He is black Jesus.

That was the thought before he was drafted at number 2 in the 2008 NBA Draft behind Derrick Rose. B-Easy is a big power forward that can shoot from anywhere on the court. He was compared to Derrick Coleman. He does not play anything like Coleman huh? Beasley has all the physical tools to succeed. He really does. The problem is the other half of the game is mental. He clearly does not have all the tools there. Okay, he’s a huge disappointment, but Michael is not a bust – not yet.

There is no point in bringing up his current age of 21 years. The youth is irrelevant in some players. People cling on to potential for hope. People hope that the player can fix the problem before stubbornness and set ways become established. Youth is irrelevant because a player can be missing a crucial tool that drives the potential down for good. Some players cannot dribble well. Some players rather shoot than drive. Some don’t have the effort to play defense.

And some can have a fragile psyche.

Michael Beasley showed improvement. Scoring and rebounding improved until the coach switched him around between power and small forward. He got too passive and confused. I do not blame him. He was rising until Charles Barkley’s “Tito Jackson” comment. The wheels fell apart. That truly showed how soft Beasley is. No offense to Tito Jackson. He’s a fine musician. In basketball terms, B-Easy is never going to be a superstar because of that status. Miami Heat fans can only hope for just one All Star appearance.

He is not a legit second option for the Miami Heat. At best, Beasley is a third option. Pat Riley should not trade him because that’s dumb because trade value is in the gutter. The only way to salvage Beasley’s career is to get him away from Miami during the summer, which is tough to do. He should train with Dwayne Wade away from the distractions that the Miami lifestyle offers or else he ends up butt naked on the front page of TMZ.

He is not a lost cause Miami Heat fans. Not yet.

Is he a small or power forward? How can you save Michael Beasley’s career?  



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