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What should the New Orleans Hornets do with Chris Paul?

This subject is barely discussed among NBA hardcore aficionados. I once thought about the Hornet’s problem, but figured that it was too farfetched. I am sure that many fans thought about something similar, but dismissed this. As the 2010 NBA Playoffs are humming along, there are some elite stars that did not make it. One of them is fantasy statistical standout Chris Paul.

The issue was once brought back up again thanks to a fellow online poster. This issue is more troubling than once believed. The story is the New Orleans Hornets is losing a lot of money. Chris Paul has a fat contract that’s somewhat difficult to support since attendance is dreadfully low. The last thing I read was that Hornets management is looking to sell the team and cannot get a deal done. I am surprised that this was not mentioned ever again. Does New Orleans want their franchise around?

Support your team.

When I say “support,” I don’t mean sitting around online keeping updates of box scores or discussing fictitious trades. Just get your ass to the stadium. Buy those tickets. Fill those seats up. That’s what I really mean. You want Chris Paul to stick around? Then go out there and show them that you want him to stay. The money has to come from somewhere. Don’t expect it to shower down from the sky. Tickets should not be that expensive even during these horrible economic times. If the tickets are pricey, shame to management.

Hornets’ front office is sitting around debating whether to trade Chris Paul or not. Let’s not fool ourselves. They have entertained the thought. Wasn’t there a Tony Parker for Paul rumor awhile back? George Shinn and Gary Chouest can come out and put out a statement saying that they do not intend to trade Paul ever. While that may be true, they did entertain it. Hey, they’re not evil people for doing so. Hell, I would think about it, too. Chris Paul makes money for them, but is it enough? It does not seem like it because they are many empty seats whenever I watch a few of their games. They are still losing money – lots of it. Those colored seats do not mask the void. Stop kidding.

The emergence of Darren Collison is interesting. When Paul was out, Collison was almost as good. Some agree that he would be a great replacement for Paul. Let’s be real. One of them has to go eventually. Which one goes? Collison is on the rookie deal while Paul has this huge contract. Keeping Collison means that it is about the money. Keeping Paul means that it is about remaining competitive. The team is not winning anything in the future in all honesty. The addition of Okafor does not make them a title contender. The remaining pieces are aging especially Peja Stojakovic.

How about this, people of New Orleans? The team packs up and moves somewhere else. How about Los Angeles and New Orleans just trade teams? Clippers go to the Big Easy while Hornets settle in next door to the Lakers?

Another group has to come in and buy the team to keep them in Nawlins unless that group pulls a Thunder. Keep Paul, trade him, or lose the team altogether. The Hornets will not bring in a big time 2010 Free Agent so I’d keep Chris Paul and trade Darren Collison to build a good team. That is the best they can do.

Should Chris Paul demand a trade eventually? What can the Hornets do?



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