Tuesday , May , 11 , 2010 Christopher Sells

Barkley Calls San Antonio Women Big Boned

 San Antonio can’t catch a break this offseason. First, Mark Cuban told the world how much he hated the city. Then a Dallas radio employee called San Antonio citizens "dirty Mexicans." Now Charles Barkley has called the city’s women fat. Save your pot and and kettle jokes until you’ve seen the video, a part of the "Gone Fishin’" segment on Inside the NBA:



In case you’re not able to view the video, here’s the play-by-play: After they’ve showed the doctored photos featuring TNT co-host Kenny Smith, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Parker (who lives in SA and is certainly not fat), Chuck says, "As much as I love San Antonio– great city– I’m not gonna miss it. You know, one thing about San Antonio, them women down there…"

At this point Ernie Johnson sees where this is going and tries to stop it. But Kenny instigates and Chuck goes on to stick his foot squarely into his mouth: "My ass would look normal down there. Let me tell you something, they ain’t got no skinny women down there."


And every woman in the Alamo City is now pissed off. It’s one thing to hate the city, it’s another to fire off an idiotic racist Twitter message. And it’s yet another thing to insult every woman living in the city. To be fair, San Antonio was ranked the 7th fattest city in the country by MensHealth.com. Ranked first was nearby Corpus Christi. El Paso and Dallas were third and fourth, respectively, and Houston came in at ninth to give Texas five of the top 10 (Austin was ranked fifth leanest city in the nation by the same survey). Still, classifying every person of a single gender in one way is clearly out of bounds. And having spent a decent amount of time at Spurs games last season, I can personally vouch that there are plenty of beautiful ladies of all shapes and sizes walking the halls of the AT&T Center and I have no reason to believe that the city as a whole would be any different. 

It isn’t surprising that Barkley said something offensive, as his mouth often gets ahead of his brain. I’d still expect that there would be some sort of apology issued– and rightfully so– in an effort to keep the show and the station in the city’s good graces. I vote that Barkley be punished by being forced to walk the city and face its residents so that he can see the error of his statements. And there has to be some measure of ridicule, perhaps a shirt asking "Does my ass look normal?" or something of the sort.

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