Friday , May , 14 , 2010 Christopher Sells

LeBron’s Mom Did What With Who?!

What’s wrong with LeBron James?

This is the question that everyone has been asking since King James started playing less like royalty and more like an average (OK, slightly above average) guy. Everything from a lack of effort to torn ligaments have received blame for the collapse of the regular season’s finest team and its leader. Some arguments have some credibility. And some are utterly ridiculous. Like this one: a website is purporting that Delonte West and Gloria James are involved in some sort of sexual relationship.


Yes, that would be LeBron’s teammate getting busy with LeBron’s mom. Allegedly. From the website making the claim:

In what is truly a disturbing story, comes exclusive Terez Owens news that LeBron’s teammate Delonte West is sleeping with LeBron’s Mother Gloria James. Yes, this is the purported story coming from my source in Cleveland. My source explains the following. ”My uncle is the general contractor at the Q and has been for the last 7 years. He’s good friends with a lot of guys at the Q, including some of  the bigger boys in the organization and knows Dan Gilbert personally. My uncle has been told that Delonte has been banging Gloria James (Lebron’s Mom) for some time now. Somehow Lebron found out before game four and it destroyed their chemistry and divided the team. I am not making this up, I wish it wasn’t true but it happened.”

So a guy told a guy told a guy that these two people are in some sort of physical relationship. You’ll have to forgive me for doubting the credibility of this story, if only because of the number of sources it involved as well as it mentioning the "general contractor at the Q." I’m pretty sure that spreading such a tale would involve some disciplinary action or termination of said general contractor, so why would be be identified? And who is this person and why should we believe them. I call BS.

But… What if it’s true? Honestly, it’s so ridiculous that you could argue that it couldn’t be made up. What kind of mind comes up with such things?

Perhaps they saw West kiss Ms. James on the cheek as he exited the court and assumed the worst. I noticed it and thought nothing of it, only that she was probably like a mom to a lot of the guys on a team that has seemed pretty close knit for years now. 

Surely someone wouldn’t make such a false claim knowing the sort of legal action that could follow it. I imagine that a lawsuit might ask for more than the person has earned in his lifetime. Worse yet, West is the type of guy that rides around town with weapons. At least he used to be. Even telling the truth might not be enough to stop retaliation for such a thing.

Again, I’m pretty sure I don’t believe a word of this. But… What if?

LeBron would definitely be gone. Or West would. It might explain the disinterest of James and the entire team. It might lend an explanation to what so many people have unsuccessfully tried to explain.  Might the discovery of your teammate being involved with your mother be enough to kill your desire to further compete in the postseason?

So there it is. The story is out there. Believe it or don’t. I expect we’ll get a few denials from the involved parties if they get wind of it. But there won’t be a confirmation. Unless we see one– or both– of those players in different uniforms next season.




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