Friday , Dec , 17 , 2010 Christopher Sells

Best Finish by Someone Not Named Griffin?

If there were an award being given for best posterization of the year, Blake Griffin would already be nominated like five times in a season that isn’t yet two months old. The things that man does above the rim are pretty incredible, even if he probably should be required to register as a sex offender for what he did to Timofey Mozgov.

So let’s assume Griffin would win that award hands down. Who wins second place?

This is the discussion I’ve been having with some associates and, until the last week or so, it was pretty difficult to come up with suitable choices. Christmas came early and we’ve been given James Harden over JJ Hickson, DeMar DeRozan on Tyrus Thomas and JR Smith up and over Gary Neal. All three were quite vicious and elicited frowns from all who witnessed them.

I can’t quite decide which I like best. That’s where you come in. Let us know in the comments which of these poster jobs is the best. Or worst. Or nastiest, or whatever term you want to bestow upon it. There won’t be a medal or an award in it for the winner, but they will be able to tell their kids that for a brief moment they were in the same rarified air as Griffin.

In case you’ve forgotten what each player pulled off  (Or if you just want to see them again. And again. And again.), we’ve posted them below.








 Happy voting!