Thursday , Feb , 03 , 2011 Christopher Sells

Overdribbling 2011 All-Star Reserves

As the old saying goes, opinions are like buttholes. Everybody has one. Some people even share them with other people, no matter how vile and controversial said opinion is. There’s plenty of room for this analogy to go south and become offensive, so I’ll cut to the chase and give you my choices for the 2011 All-Star reserves.

The starters are listed here, if for some reason you haven’t seen them yet.


Eastern Conference

G Rajon Rondo
G Joe Johnson
G Raymond Felton
F Paul Pierce
F Chris Bosh
F Carlos Boozer
C Al Horford

The challenge with picking reserves for the East was that most of the teams in the conference aren’t playing good basketball and I can’t put in a reserve from a bad team unless their stats are phenomenal or at least very good. Those players didn’t really exist in the East. So we have players from just a few teams as representatives. I didn’t think the Celtics needed four players on the team since they aren’t head and shoulders above the other teams record-wise. Felton gets in because he’s been a part of the Knicks’ return to respectability. Horford was the best of a bad bunch of centers on a pretty good Hawks team. Boozer has good numbers on a good Chicago team and, despite him being injured for a large stretch, his play is pretty deserving of a spot. It didn’t hurt that there weren’t lots of good candidates. I left Josh Smith off because I didn’t think the Hawks needed three players in the game.

Western Conference

G Deron Williams
G Russell Westbrook
G Manu Ginobili
F Dirk Nowitzki
F Kevin Love
F LaMarcus Aldridge
F Blake Griffin
C Pau Gasol

Notice that you don’t see Tim Duncan’s name here. Yes, he’s a legend on the team with the best record in the league. His stats don’t compare with those of some other players. Which is why I’d have Aldridge and Love ahead of him and Griffin as Yao Ming’s replacement. I fully expect that the coaches will send Duncan and/or Tony Parker to LA. But they shouldn’t. Lamar Odom has been getting a lot of attention as a potential candidate, but his numbers don’t even compare to some of the other forwards and the Lakers have an average record.

If you disagree with anything here and want to share your butthole opinion with the rest of the world, hit us up in the comments.