Wednesday , Feb , 23 , 2011 Christopher Sells

Jazz Trades Deron Williams

On the heels of Jerry Sloan’s unexpected retirement, we receive news of more shocking changes in the Utah Jazz franchise: Deron Williams is no longer the team’s point guard. He’s now going to be running the show in New Jersey, soon to be Brooklyn. All details are not yet available, but the trade basically looks like this:

New Jersey gets:
G Deron Williams
F Brandan Wright
C Dan Gadzuric


Utah gets:
G Devin Harris
F Derrick Favors
Draft picks

Golden State gets:
F Troy Murphy

A few things jump out at me, the most notable being how good of a deal this could be for the Jazz. Devin Harris isn’t on the same level as Williams, but they could do a lot worse as far as point guards go. And on top of that they get young talent in Favors and some future picks. They have a chance to continue to be competitve in the West and– at least from reading in between the lines– they get rid of a player who was causing internal problems, didn’t want to be there and was probably going to leave after next season.

The Nets get a face for their franchise, arguably the best point guard in the league. He won’t turn the franchise into a winner immediately, but Nets fans should be happy that Williams was winning in the West with a cast of characters that wasn’t fantastic. A move here or there and the Nets can possibly look towards the playoffs next season. They also get some size and athleticism in Gadzuric and Wright to help augment the non-rebounding of Brook Lopez. The question becomes: Will Williams stay when his contract expires in 2012?

Golden State gets a big man with an expiring contract that can shoot and will probably be bought out. Looks like a cost cutting move, much like the other things they usually do.

As always, your thoughts are welcome in the comments. Let us know how you think things shake out from here.