Wednesday , Jan , 04 , 2012 Christopher Sells

2012 All-Star Ballot Released

Let’s play a game of good news/bad news.

Good news: The NBA waited until early January to release the All-Star Ballot this year. For those of us who have long thought that the ballots should be released closer to the date of the All-Star Game because we truly want the best players in the NBA to represented here, this is a welcome sight.


Bad news: Because of the lockout, the season is less than two weeks old. Which means that fans everywhere are still submitting votes for players who have probably not shown enough to distinguish themselves as deserving participants in the midseason showcase to be held this year in Orlando, let alone as starters.

Worse news: There are guys on the ballot like Jonas Jerebko, Joel Anthony, Anthony Morrow, Spencer Hawes, and Arron Afflalo. Valuable pieces for their teams: yes. Guys who I associate with being the best of the best: definitely not.

For what it’s worth, you can vote here. Please vote responsibly. Ideally, this would mean that you were looking at games and stat sheets to find the guys who were putting in work this year. I’ll even settle for you voting for your favorite players or guys on your favorite team. But if I find out you’re casting write-in votes for Greg Stiemsma, I will find where you live and give you a stern talking-to. You have been warned.


[Image credit: Keith Allison]