Tuesday , Mar , 04 , 2008 Christopher Sells

Larry Hughes: Paradise Found, Suspicions Confirmed

Larry Hughes: Paradise Found, Suspicions ConfirmedLarry Hughes has a lot of nerve. Not only was he being monstrously overpaid by the Cavs, he was unhappy while it was taking place. Call me crazy, but I’d gladly accept millions to sit around most of the time and play basketball the rest of it.

Hughes is now a Bull and, as is usually a requirement, he was asked by Cleveland reporters about his Cavalier tenure. Generally, you get some responses about how they understand the business of the game and how the city holds a special place in their heart, yada yada yada. Hughes decided to break format.

Before Sunday’s game, according to the four-letter network’s website, Hughes said the Cavs’ offense "wasn’t my style. They wanted me to sacrifice things so we could win. In [Chicago’s] system, there is more movement and draw and kicks."

Sacrificing things to win isn’t your style? What? Isn’t this something that is beaten into every kid’s head before they’re even allowed to play organized ball? It gets better though.

"It was a good run," he said, referring to his stay in Cleveland. "We had 50-plus wins, made the Finals and I learned from it. I was unhappy, though, and wasn’t myself. I’d rather enjoy the game than all that."

Enjoying yourself, which apparently means not having to sacrifice for the good of the team, is paramount to winning. What the public has wondered for years has now been proven to be true. Some NBA players are downright selfish. And willing to say so publicly. Can you believe it?

Actually, yes. It’s sad to say, and I wish it weren’t the case, but I’m not surprised that Hughes feels this way. He came in from Washington, where there were plenty of shots to be had by everyone. He was probably used to getting more shine. Making the transition to playing in the shadow of perhaps the best player in the game has to be a bit challenging.

Hughes has a chance to be in the spotlight again in Chicago. Yes, the Bulls have been less than impressive this year, but Hughes is probably the best player there. He can parlay his sub-40% shooting into some nice per game averages, maybe get on a highlight reel or two and have some reporters come to him before anyone else in the locker room. Hopefully that will be enough for him. Because he won’t get 50-plus wins this year and he won’t get to the Finals.

But he will get paid. And maybe injured. Enjoy the game, Larry.