Thursday , May , 08 , 2008 Christopher Sells

All-NBA Squads

MVP Kobe Bryant headlines All-NBA Teams

All-NBA Squads

In case you missed it yesterday, here are your All-NBA teams.

First Team

F Kevin Garnett

F LeBron James

C Dwight Howard

G Kobe Bryant

G Chris Paul


Second Team

F Tim Duncan

F Dirk Nowitzki

C Amare Stoudemire

G Deron Williams

G Steve Nash


Third Team

F Carlos Boozer

F Paul Pierce

C Yao Ming

G Tracy McGrady

G Manu Ginobili

The five MVP candidates make up the first team and Bryant was the lone unanimous selection to the first team.

I don’t really have any issues with any of this. I’ve heard some people who wanted Stoudemire and Howard to switch places or who thought that Iverson should have at least been on the second team. I can see how those arguments could be made and, depending on who made it, I might believe it.

To me, the All-NBA teams matter more than All-Star selections. Not only is there the possibility that the fan vote got you to the ASG instead of your talent, the All-NBA covers an entire season. You didn’t just do it from November to February, you sustained a high level of play through the whole year and your team probably made the playoffs.

So congrats to those who made it. To those who didn’t make it: Step your game up next year.

As always, your comments are welcome and encouraged. Have beef with something? Think that the spots were awarded fairly? Let it be known.