Friday , Nov , 14 , 2008 Christopher Sells

Rocket and Suns Suspended

Rocket and Suns SuspendedYou knew that there would be some consequences for this. And now we know what those consequences are. The NBA has suspended Matt Barnes and Rafer Alston for two games each and Steve Nash for one. Tracy McGrady and Shaquille O’Neal managed to get off with fines of $25k and $35k, respectively.

Barnes getting two games isn’t that unexpected. After all, he didn’t start the whole thing. Skip getting two games is a bit of a surprise to me, since he wasn’t the person who started it. I understand the reasoning, though. You can’t let someone off lightly whether they start a fight or finish it.

I’m surprised that Nash got suspended, though. The NBA said he got that game for "escalating the altercation." It looked to me like Nash was running in just like everyone else but just happened to catch McGrady at the wrong time. So Nash gets suspended for getting pushed and Mac gets only a fine for pushing Nash to the ground. Of course, he seems to hit the ground without much contact most times, but that’s another stroy for another day.

Shaq gets fined for pushing the whole crowd. And Aaron Brooks wanted no part of any of it. I guess he wanted to be sure he could live to tell his kids about it.

So the Suns will be without Nash and Barnes tonight against Sacramento (big deal) and Barnes will miss the Suns’ game Sunday against Detroit. The Rockets will lose their starting point guard for games against two divisional opponents, San Antonio and New Orleans. There’s a chance they won’t need Alston against the injury-depleted Spurs, but having him to go head to head with Chris Paul would probably be a good thing.

Your thoughts on the suspensions are welcome below.