Monday , Nov , 17 , 2008 Christopher Sells

Vote Marbury for 2009 All-Star!

Vote Marbury for 2009 All-Star!In case you missed it, the NBA made its All-Star ballot available last week. As in the past, the ballot is released despite the season being less than a month old. The All-Star Game is in mid-February. This allows fans to vote at least once a day, if they so desire, for a full three months for the players they’d like to see starting in the midseason classic.

I understand all of the reasoning behind why the NBA does what it does. If I were trying to attract advertisers to my site, I’d certainly let them know that fans worldwide would probably be visiting my site every day to vote for their favorite players. I’d want to generate as much interest in the event as I could. I’d take full advantage of the available technology to make sure that the ASG is all that it could be.

But it’s getting a bit ridiculous. Yes, the game is for the fans and they should be able to see whoever they want on the court come February 15. But if the league waited just a few more weeks, they could narrow the list down to only include players whose on-court actions warranted consideration for the ASG.

There is already concern that Yi Jianlian and his respectable, but not All-Star worthy stats could end up starting in the game because of the huge numbers of Chinese that typically cast ballots. The precedent is there, as Yao Ming has been a staple in the ASG staring lineup since he came into the league. It isn’t certain that Yi will have to make his way to Phoenix, but the fact that we even have to mention it should make the powers that be reconsider their strategy in this matter.

It’s doubtful that it will, though. After all, the NBA wants to go global and the ratings would be sky-high in China if Yao and Yi were able to go head-to-head in the game. No, we need someone to be in this game who literally has no business being there. We need someone whose stats or play couldn’t possibly justify them even being in the same state as the game. We need someone who is thought of as a problem child around the league, someone who the league couldn’t possibly want representing it on a worldwide stage.

We need Stephon Marbury.

Yes, that’s right. I’m asking each of you to vote Marbury as an All-Star starter. I’m asking you to ask your friends to do it. And have those friends ask their friends. Do it every day.

Marbury is the perfect candidate for this because it’s very possible that he will not play a second this season, since he apparently does not want to accept a buyout and Mike D’Antoni won’t even activate him. Marbury has long been rumored to be all about himself and a team-wrecker. I have no idea if that’s true, but if enough people believe it, how could a player like that ever be included in the league’s dog and pony show? It’s perfect.

In summation: go here and vote Marbury as an All-Star starter. Because we don’t know who deserves to be there in November anyway.

Edit: I found out after I wrote this that this guy wants Marbury as an All-Star as well, but for completely different reasons. Which I can respect. We can help each other even we have differing opinions about Marbury’s alleged awesomeness. Let’s make it happen.