Wednesday , Dec , 17 , 2008 Christopher Sells

What’s Going On: Marbury’s Work, Celtics Streak, Trade Denials

What's Going On: Marbury's Work, Celtics Streak, Trade DenialsThe Marbury saga continues…
Stephon Marbury is living the dream. Last night he sat courtside near the Laker girls and, in his words, he can "go in and out of the country" when he wants and earn his ridiculous salary "by doing nothing." If you’ve been living under a rock, the Knicks told him nearly a month ago that they didn’t want him around the team but are still paying him. Marbury says he’s still in shape and sources say he could go to Miami if and when the Knicks find a suitable buyout amount for him. Of course, it would be hilarious if they traded him to some godforsaken destination like Oklahoma City.

Celtics go for 16
Boston will put its 15-game win streak on the line against the Hawks tonight in Atlanta. The Hawks broke the Cavs’ 11-game streak over the weekend and only lost to the Celtics by one in Boston when they played earlier in the year. Should be a good game, as the Hawks don’t appear to be as intimidated by the reigning NBA champs as some other teams are. You can catch that one on ESPN tonight.

Marion trade denial
There are Cavs team sources coming out to refute a report that came out yesterday that would send Wally Szczczczerbiak and Anderson Varejao to Miami for Shawn Marion. This, of course, means that it was definitely talked about and may still happen. Like I mentioned yesterday, Cleveland is rolling and the front office likely doesn’t want to mess up their flow. However, they’ll have to realize at some point that the team they’ve assembled around LeBron is pretty weak. Dude is just straight ballin, which is why they’re the second or third best team in the league now.

Chris_Paul is a thief
CP3 has a steal in 105 consecutive games, tying the record set by Alvin Robertson. Get familiar with that name if you aren’t already. Paul gets his chance to break the record tonight in San Antonio. Paul is leading the league in steals right now, as you might imagine. Oh yeah, this game could also determine the leader in the Southwest Division. Good basketball being played in those parts.