Wednesday , Dec , 24 , 2008 Christopher Sells

More Celtic Records, Ego Conflicts and Franchise Relocation

More Celtic Records, Ego Conflicts and Franchise Relocation‘Twas the day before Christmas; the league scheduled no games. So hopefully all of the degenerates who spend every night glued to the TV watching hoops (myself included) might actually spend a little  time with their families tonight since tomorrow offers around 14 hours of nationally televised hoops. So open your presents early, because only one of those games figures not to be entertaining. But that game involves LeBron, so you can’t really afford not to pay attention.

Best team ever?
I’ve purposely ignored a lot of the "best team ever" talk referencing the Celtics, but they’ve now run off 19 straight wins and their 27-2 record is the best start in NBA history. It’s worth bringing up now. All kinds of things can happen during a season, including injuries and cold streaks, but Boston’s chances actually look pretty good. Their bench seems pretty deep and their role players have stepped it up. It’s not ridiculous to think that they could win 70. Of course other teams have had that same potential and been derailed on the way. Regardless of how many games they win, it hasn’t looked like anyone can beat this team in a seven-game series. We get to find out tomorrow if the Lakers are up to the challenge.

As the Knicks turn…

The huge media market that is New York City assures us that there will never be a shortage of news or opinion about the Knicks. Mike D’Antoni is under the impression that the Knicks can make the playoffs this year. Since they’ve undergone some roster changes and some injury problems, it’s not that outlandish a statement. But if they’re going to continue to tweak things, and a rumored Eddy Curry trade would defintely qualify as tweaking, they might run out of time. They’re only two games out from eight place in the East, but they’re also only two games up from next to last. At just over a third of the way into the season, they’d better make some decisions pretty quickly.

Round Mound vs. King James

The weekend brought us the news that LeBron James might consider an extension with the Cavs this summer instead of being wined and dined in the summer of 2010 by all of the teams that would love for him to sign with them. I don’t believe it for a second, but that’s my personal opinion. It seems like he has been having too much fun with the attention that decision might bring to pass up that opportunity. Charles Barkley, as always, had an opinion about this. He hopes LeBron stays in Cleveland, in part because of James’ family and friends in the area. Barkley also revealed to the nation that he’s packing heat. I’m not saying that Barkley toting a gun should have any influence on the relationship between two of the game’s giants, I’m just wondering if LeBron should consider such things before he calls Barkley "stupid" in the media again. That’s all I have to say about that.

Golden State’s season has been more about disappointment than anything else, from Baron Davis’ departure to Monta Ellis’ moped antics; from their 34 losses all of last year to the 22 they’ve stacked up before this year’s first two months have passed. It makes you wonder if, despite the extension that he signed just before the season began, Don Nelson might be the next coach to be looking for other employment. Some think that Nelson might be at the center of the franchise’s recent turmoil, as he was when he coached there before in the 90s. It’s just something to keep an eye on, especially if the Warriors’ play doesn’t improve soon.

The Grizz finally get their man
Steve Francis hasn’t played a single minute this season for the Rockets. Perhaps that will change now that he’s now a member of the Memphis Grizzlies. If you remember, Francis was famously unhappy when he was drafted by the then-Vancouver Grizzlies in 1999. He eventually forced a huge  trade that saw him traded to the Rockets, where he went on the become the Rookie of the Year and an All-Star. He got traded around (Magic, Knicks, Blazers) and had some injuries that  had people questioning whether he should continue playing or hang up his sneakers. Francis eventually ended up signing with the Rockets again, where we all thought his career had come full circle. Clearly, it has come even fuller circle, now that he’ll have to relocate to a franchise that probably hasn’t forgotten how he spurned them nearly a decade ago. We’ll see if he actually plays a game for Memphis or if he is cut since he’s in the final year of his contract.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Enjoy the games tomorrow and have a happy holiday season. Thanks for reading.