Wednesday , Dec , 31 , 2008 Christopher Sells

Nash on 2010, Did Barkley Drink Gin, Celtics Lose Again

And Starbury finds himself something to do.

Nash on 2010, Did Barkley Drink Gin, Celtics Lose AgainThe Celtics don’t want it with the Westsiiiiide
Before Christmas, a lot of people, myself included, wondered how good the Celtics were and if they could feasibly come close to 70 wins this year. They were, after all, on a 19-game winning streak and had looked great up to that point. Then came a West Coast swing that might have proved the Celtics to be a team of mere mortals. They lost three of four games on the swing (in all fairness, the win was by 45 points) and now sit only a game ahead of Cleveland and a game and a half over the Lakers, who beat them on Christmas Day. It could shape up to be an intriguing race in the coming months. I still think the Celtics are the best team in the league, but the gap has closed and it’s no longer certain that they’ll repeat. As a consolation, though, the Celtics get to play Washington at home Friday night, where they’ll try to get back to their winning ways.

Round Mound of Inebriation?

Charles Barkley doesn’t gamble anymore, at least that’s what he has told all of us. Drinking and driving, however, are a different story. Allegedly. You can get the details and some commentary from our guy Oly Sandor here. What I especially love is that there are pictures of Barkley leaving the station online now. The report says that the Chuckster was treated exactly like anybody else would be treated. I have a hard time, however, believing that other guys picked up for DUI are shaking officers’ hands on their way out of the station.

Remember, kids, don’t drink and drive.

More 2010 FA Speculation…
Steve Nash was feeling a little left out of all the 2010 free agent talk, so he decided he’d chat up some bloke from NBC about what he expects his options to be around that time. He lists his possible destinations as Phoenix, New York and Toronto. He claims he’s only mentioning teams that will have the cap space to sign impact players and not narrowing his list of choices. So telling us all that New York City is your offseason home and going to Toronto would be playing for the "home team" has exactly what to do with future cap space?

Mentioned in that same link is a tidbit about Nash’s back, which seems to give him problems quite regularly. That, along with his age (now 34), makes me wonder if Nash should be more concerned about whether he’ll still be able to play come 2010. Not only do 36-year-old point guards with trick backs and a lot of mileage not command a lot of money on the free agent market, they usually retire. Keep that in mind, Steve-O.

On a related note, how silly is all of this coverage going to be next season, when the free agency of Nash, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, etc. is actually coming up? There are a few stories about the subject nearly every day already and it’s still more than 18 months away. Can we save it a little? Maybe if we stop asking questions about it, the players won’t feel the need to bring it up or talk about it. Yeah, right.

More Marbury
Because Stephon Marbury has what he calls "a little extra time on [his] hands," he’s guest writing a blog for the NY Post. It comes off as a little bit of self-promotion since he plugs some of his products, but it’s an interesting read. Have a look and form your own opinion. And if you haven’t been doing so– and by the looks of it you haven’t– be sure to vote for Stephon Marbury to be an All-Star starter. Because I said so.