Tuesday , Jan , 13 , 2009 Christopher Sells

Allegations of the Shocking and Not-So-Shocking Variety

Allegations of the Shocking and Not-So-Shocking VarietyAs the Knicks Turn
Allegations of sexual misconduct are sadly nothing new for the New York Knicks. In fact, they just paid millions of dollars to a former employer who made such claims against the franchise. The most recent news out of the Big Apple involves Eddy Curry, not for his efforts to return to the court, but of his alleged actions off of it. A man who used to be Curry’s chaffeur has accused the Knicks center of things that are either terrible lies or astoundingly shocking truths that are almost too ridiculous to believe. Click here for the article describing some of the things Curry is being accused of, including some extreme name-calling, sexual advances, brandishing a loaded weapon and failure of payment. True or not, this is certainly another black eye for a franchise that has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. The man is seeking more than $100 thousand in a lawsuit. Curry has, of course, come out saying that the allegations are "absolutely false." Not that anyone expected him to say it’s true.

Walk it Out
In other, less shocking news, NBA players get away with traveling. A lot. Some times it makes news, other times it’s just something that you have to shake your head at when it happens. Lakers coach Phil Jackson would like you to take note of the number of steps that players take, specifically Dwyane Wade. 

What he’s really been able to do is t hat pick-up move, that the Europeans really have brought in," [Jackson] said. "We all would consider that a walk move: Pick up the ball, take two steps, that’s two and a half steps. And he’s been able to get a long distance on that.

"And because of his ability to change directions from left to right and right to left very well, he’s able to avoid defenses, and he’s exceptional at that."

Well, at least he’s exceptional at it. To be fair, Jackson talk about how referees should call the game the right way and let all the players adjust, not just Wade. Somewhere, the Dallas Mavericks are hearing Jackson’s comments and remembering when they tried– unsuccessfully– to get the officials to enforce the rules against Wade.

Dwight Howard and LeBron James are really popular players for  various reasons. You can debate the validity of those reasons if you’d like, but the fact remains that those two players tend to attract eyes and attention whenever they step on the court. The NBA is hoping that will be the case on All-Star Weekend, even when the two are on the sidelines. Howard has let it be known that he and the King will be coaches for the Rookie/Sophomore Game on All-Star Friday. This will somehow enrich the experience of the game. Exactly how, I’m not sure.

Tracy McGrady will miss the next two weeks to rest his sore left knee, according to an AP report. I guess they decided that missing one of the games in back-to-backs wasn’t enough and they want to attempt to get him fully healthy. The Rockets have also been playing without Ron Artest. THey face the Lakers tonight in a game that I had planned to watch but now I may just catch the highlights.