Tuesday , Jan , 27 , 2009 Christopher Sells

Look at all These Rumors

Surrounding me every day. I just need some time, some time to get away.

Look at all These RumorsWith the season just past its literal halfway point, teams now have a firm grasp on what it is that they do well and what they’d like to do better. You figure that any internal improvements would have been evident by now, so the way that many teams try to improve is through trade. This is also a popular way to save money. There have been quite a few rumors circulating out there. I figured we’d take a look a some of them. There are more, but these are the most talked about and/or the most intriguing.

Jermaine O’Neal for Shawn Marion
This is the trade rumor that everyone has heard about and discussed and taken a side on. Yet it hasn’t happened. In fact, it has taken so long to get the deal done that some are of the opinion that Toronto might prefer to keep O’Neal a Raptor, just of the off-the-bench-variety. Other sources say that Miami is trying to get Jamario Moon as a throw-in to the deal. Or it is possible that both teams are just waiting on both players to get healthy and stay that way. Whatever happens, Marion just wants you to stop talking to him about it.

Shawn Marion for Brad Miller and Kenny Thomas
Well, we’d stop talking about it if Pat Riley would stop trying to trade you, Matrix. Marion can still play if put in the right situation, so his name pops up in lots of places where people think he’d fit in better than he does with the Heat. There’s also that expiring contract worth just over $17 million that other GMs really want. That’s the case with the Kings, who are trying to get their rebuilding efforts out of slow-motion. Sure, Miami would end up taking back a boatload of salary, but they’d get some immediate help in the post, meaning that Joel Anthony wouldn’t have to play heavy minutes. And both Thomas and Miller’s contracts expire in 2010 which, if you haven’t heard, will probably be a decent year to try to sign free agents.

Allen Iverson for ?
An anonymous team executive (great source, eh?) wouldn’t be surprised if the Pistons traded Iverson, but only if they "can get back a similar expiring contract." Can you imagine Iverson getting traded twice in one season? I can’t, but because of the beating AI has taken in the papers and on TV. Everyone is talking about how difficult it is to play with him on your team, most notably Chris Webber, who said during a TNT boradcast that Iverson "needs five robots to play with him." Has player who has accomplished as much as Iverson been talked about this unfavorably before?

Mike Miller to Cavs

Despite overachieving up to this point, Cleveland has been mentioned as a destination for quite a few players. You get the impression that they think they might be good enough to contend for the title, but want one more piece that they can depend on. The latest rumors wonder if Mike Miller could find himself out of the Timberwolves uniform and into a Cavaliers uni. Miller’s health is a question, but when healthy, Miller is a shooter who can do a few other things on the court, which is exactly the type of player Cleveland doesn’t have now but could use to play alongside LeBron James. No names are mentioned in the rumor, but Cleveland does have the expiring contract of retired Eric Snow to dangle out there. They also have Wally Szczerbiak’s expiring contract, but if it were used in a deal for Miller, at least one other player would have to be involved.