Tuesday , Jun , 23 , 2009 Christopher Sells

Jefferson to Spurs

Jefferson to SpursThis is why the San Antonio Spurs are consistently at the top of the league. Well, this and Tim Duncan.

The Spurs picked up Richard Jefferson from the Milwaukee Bucks for spare parts. These parts were the 38-year-old Bruce Bowen, the increasingly-unproductive Fabricio Oberto and journeyman Kurt Thomas. The Bucks get to save large amounts of money– namely the nearly $30 mil left on Jefferson’s contract– and the Spurs lose only minor role players. Both sides win.

The Spurs win more, of course. The Bucks would be lucky to make the playoffs in the East, no matter who they kept or didn’t keep. The Spurs, however, are reloading after Manu Ginobili’s injury exposed the team’s age and lack of depth. Jefferson will give the team a legit starter at small forward, athleticism and decent defense, even if his outside shot and offensive creation skills leave a bit to be desired.

This looks to be the first piece of the Spurs’ rebuilding puzzle. They’ll have to find some warm bodies to man the paint off the bench and a starter not named Michael Finley at the two, but this shouldn’t be a problem since the Spurs win and win often. With a bit of luck in the health department and other shrewd moves like this one, the Spurs should return to title contention in no time.

[Image courtesy of Spursdotcom]