Friday , Jul , 31 , 2009 Christopher Sells

We’re Talking About Practice… Jerseys

No, not Allen Iverson. Just the NBA’s latest money-making idea.

We're Talking About Practice... JerseysThe NBA must think its investors and advertisers are stupid. That’s the only conclusion I can come up with for them deciding to allow NBA teams to put ads on their practice gear.

Yes, practice gear. Not game uniforms, but practice gear. Not the game uniforms that these players give their blood, sweat and tears in, but reversible mesh joints that the public rarely ever sees. If I wanted to have my brand be seen by potential spenders, why would I pay an NBA team to display it to a gym of team personnel and media? How is that maximizing my advertising dollar?

The NBA says it hasn’t finalized the guidelines, but what exactly are they going to do that will make this make more sense? Require TV stations to film and broadcast more practice sessions? Start showing more practices on NBATV? Require all interviews and community service to be done in practice jerseys?

If the NBA feels the need to put ads on their unis, then they should just do it. The WNBA already does and leagues overseas have been doing it all along. Times are hard, viewers know that teams are in a financial bind. They’ll understand. It might look a little tacky at first, but we’ll get used to it. Besides, how much time do we spend looking at a team’s uniform anyway?

But instead of taking that logical, meaningful step, it’s about practice jerseys. Right.

Am I wrong? Is there something Im missing? Is this actually a good idea? Leave your thoughts in the comment box and enlighten me or agree with me.

[Photo courtesy of jeffbalke. Poor photo text courtesy of yours truly.]