Friday , Nov , 06 , 2009 Christopher Sells

Will the All-Star Game Have a Prostitute Problem?

Will the All-Star Game Have a Prostitute Problem?The NBA’s All-Star Weekend isn’t until February, so it’s not yet on the radar of the general public. But if you aren’t aware, the events for Friday and Saturday will take place at the Mavericks’ American Airlines Center and the All-Star Game itself will take place in Cowboys Stadium, more affectionately known as "Jerryworld."

The NBA will likely release the All-Star ballots later this month, but don’t believe that planning isn’t already underway because the league hasn’t started its media blitz just yet. This event has the unique distinction of covering at least two different cities (Dallas and Arlington) and the Metroplex as a whole will probably feel the strain of hosting an event of this size. The ASG typically attracts a huge number of celebrities, including athletes, actors, and musicians as well the common fan.

And, according to Dallas police, lots and lots of prostitutes.

Estimates from yesterday’s National Prostitute Diversion Conference say that 50,000 to 100,000 working girls could descend on the area for 2011’s Super Bowl. No number is given for All-Star Weekend, but if it were even at half of the low estimate for the NFL’s championship game, that would 25,000 women. No matter how you look at it, that’s a lot of hoes.

Is the demand for evening companionship really that high? Is it worth these people’s time, money and effort to show up at these large events? Perhaps I just have a very narrow view of what’s going on and I’m not aware of the popularity of prostitution. But I really hope that local law enforcement can keep the situation under control so that the NBA’s All-Star weekend can remain a showcase of the sport’s best pros and be known as one of the world’s largest gathering of pros.

HoopsVibe would like to apologize in advance in the event that this article is offensive to any prostitutes, hookers, whores, hoes, escorts, working girls, women of the night, streetwalkers, harlots, hussies, floozies, slatterns, strumpets or whatever women who receive money for sexual favors are calling themselves these days.