Monday , Nov , 16 , 2009 Christopher Sells

Iverson and Grizzlies to Part Ways

Iverson and Grizzlies to Part WaysOver the weekend, the Memphis Grizzlies signed Jamaal Tinsley. To many, it was speculated that this signaled the end of the team’s Allen Iverson experiment which, it can be safely said, failed miserably.

The speculation is over. The local daily in Memphis is reporting that the Grizzlies and Iverson will go their separate ways. The official statement released by the team says that the divorce is related to the personal matters that Iverson left the team to attend to more than a week ago. Conjecture has been that AI would have never left the team if he were a starter, which roughly translates to the split being because of his bench status.

The question now is, Have we seen the last of The Answer? Iverson clearly has the talent to contribute to an NBA team, but doubts remain about his willingness to accept a reduced role and whether a franchise would take a chance on a player that has become a malcontent in the last year or so.

So what do you think should happen? Should AI retire and hope that we’ve forgotten about all of this once it’s time to induct him into the Hall of Fame? Should he swallow his pride and come off the bench for another team? Should he explore other options, like playing in Europe?