Saturday , Jan , 16 , 2010 Christopher Sells

Monta Ellis Should Play HORSE

Monta Ellis Should Play HORSEWhile the NBA uses its own unorthodox methods to choose participants for some of the All-Star Weekend festivities, I would like to encourage them to use their eyes to pick someone for the HORSE competition. Namely, Monta Ellis.

It’s not clear whether these were concurrent or even on the first try, but the potential for a player throwing the ball over his head from 40 to 50 feet away is too good to pass up, isn’t it? Besides, the Warriors need someone in Dallas, if only to remind Mavericks fans that they are title-less because  Golden State beat them as an eighth seed back in ’07. Just stick Ellis in there against defending champ Kevin Durant, play some music in the background to help with the mood and give out a trophy that isn’t a toy horse and you’ve got something that might be watchable.