Saturday , Apr , 24 , 2010 Christopher Sells

Paul Pierce Hits Game Winner Against Heat

After getting blown out of the gym by the Celtics in Game 2 (and that’s putting it quite mildly), the Heat kept it close and played a fairly well in Game 3. Unfortunately, they reverted back to their non-winning ways in the final seconds…


This could have been avoided. First off, use the foul to give. If the coach didn’t inform the players, it’s on him. If the players just didn’t do it, then blame them. But there was plenty of time since Pierce’s move was very deliberate and he spent a good deal of time dribbling out the clock. Second, maybe you should press up on him a little bit. Surely there was a scouting report that told you about how Pierce favors the pull-up jumper in game-winning situations. Then again, that would imply that they paid attention the scouting report. Because if they had, they’d know that Pierce likes to go right and shoot in the area of the right elbow. They could have asked the Bulls about it: 


Instead, the Heat will almost certainly lose this series. The only question now is if they will salvage some of their dignity by not getting swept. This could also be a glimpse at what a Dwyane Wade-less future would look like. Wade– who can leave Miami this summer via free agency if he so chooses– was not on the court for this sad defensive display. After seeing his teammates fail like this, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if he chose to move on to greener pastures, like maybe the aforementioned Bulls. 

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